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The Young Bucks reveal the match they have  'fantasized for years' in AEW could be disappointing

The Young Bucks are yet to make their mark in the AEW Tag Team division
The Young Bucks are yet to make their mark in the AEW Tag Team division
Modified 16 Oct 2020, 22:17 IST

When it comes to naming the best tag teams in the world, one of the teams that come up again and again is The Young Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson have made a name for themselves, wrestling worldwide, proving that it's possible to succeed even if you're not a part of WWE. However, as a part of the company they helped to start, AEW, The Young Bucks are yet to make their mark.

They have not been the tag team division's focus, with other teams like The Best Friends and SCU getting a lot more attention. However, one of the teams currently in the AEW tag team division, the current AEW Tag Team Champions, is the same team that The Young Bucks have been teasing a match with for years - FTR.

The Young Bucks on facing FTR in AEW

Until recently, FTR, formerly known as The Revival, was a part of WWE. Even though they were part of a different wrestling promotion, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have long been thought to be one of the best tag teams globally and one of the tag teams that The Young Bucks should face.

However, talking to NYPost, The Young Bucks revealed that now, despite being on the same promotion, why the match between The Young Bucks and FTR was one that would find it difficult to live up to expectations.

Matt and Nick Jackson talked about how they had fantasized about the match for years, but the vast stadium full of people they might have imagined for it, might be a farcy from reality in the COVID-era.

“They [fans] don’t know what that kind of match would even look like. I don’t even know what that match would look like. I’ve fantasized for years about what it would look like. You never truly know until you finally get there to that day. And maybe when I did fantasize about it, I fantasize about a full arena full of 10,000 people going crazy. That might seem farfetched nowadays.”
“Even down [to] the aesthetics, the way that we look, it’s so different. They’re old school, smash-mouth, hard-hitting wrestlers and people refer to us as the Deadpool of wrestling because we break the fourth wall. We really do whatever we want. We break all rules and logic while they follow all the rules. FTR, follow the rules.”

The Young Bucks went on to talk about how they wanted the match to go down in AEW but admitted that AEW fans could be disappointed due to the considerable build-up, especially as they might lack the audience that they wanted.

“When this match does happen, I expect it to live up to the expectations everybody built it up to be, but it’s gonna be difficult when there aren’t 10-12,000 screaming fans going crazy. I think at the least, there are gonna be a lot of people watching at home and they’re gonna see a tag team clinic.”

Currently, the next time that The Young Bucks and FTR have a chance to meet in AEW, is at the AEW Full Gear pay-per-view event. The Young Bucks are part of four-team Tag Team match on next week's Dynamite to determine the No. 1 contenders for the AEW Tag Team titles, which is held by FTR. The match could well go down at AEW Full Gear.

Will it be the event that the fans and The Young Bucks once hoped for? That remains to be seen.

Published 16 Oct 2020, 22:17 IST
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