The Young Bucks on their first match with FTR after AEW Full Gear

The Young Bucks faced FTR for the first time at AEW Full Gear, and wrestling fans rejoiced.
The Young Bucks faced FTR for the first time at AEW Full Gear, and wrestling fans rejoiced.
Matt Black

It was the dream match wrestling fans thought would never happen. The Young Bucks and FTR have been feuding for years now, thanks to the magic of social media. As two tag teams in two different companies, it just seemed like it was unlikely to ever happen. Especially after AEW formed and WWE refused to let FTR, then The Revival, out of their contracts to leave.

But in April of 2020, FTR were able to get released from their WWE contracts and arrived in AEW a month later. They made their Dynamite debut as they stood across the ring from the Young Bucks for the very first time.

From there, fans began to anxiously await for All Elite Wrestling to pull the trigger on the dream match they never thought would happen. However, the company took its time leading to the match and fans finally got it Saturday night at AEW Full Gear.

Matt and Nick Jackson reflect on their match with FTR from AEW Full Gear

Following Full Gear on Saturday night, the Young Bucks took part in a media scrum after the show. They reflected on what it was like to step inside the ring with FTR for the very first time.

"FTR, those guys are machines. It was surreal being in the ring with those guys. It was like an out of body experience wrestling those guys in the ring." - Nick Jackson
"They were like aggressive and hard hitting, I told Nick afterward they reminded me a lot of back in the day when we used to work guys like Roderick Strong, and Bryan Danielson, and the Briscoes, and Claudio, and Chris Hero. It's that same rugged smash mouth style. Fantastic." - Matt Jackson
"They were probably the best tag team I've ever been in the ring with." - Nick Jackson

For a tag team that has wrestled for as long as they have all over the world, this is incredibly high praise for FTR from the Young Bucks. As great as this match was, all fans are already talking about the inevitable rematch between these two world-class teams.

If the Young Bucks have their way, whenever it happens again, it will be the main event. That's regardless of whether it's on an episode of AEW Dynamite or their next big pay per view, Revolution, in 2021.

The two teams will have their work cut out for them to try and top what they did at AEW Full Gear, but both are probably eager to try.

Edited by Alex Turk
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