"There was a void in marketplace"- Jeff Jarrett on creation of AEW

Jeff Jarrett in his early wrestling days!
Jeff Jarrett in his early wrestling days!

WWE backstage producer Jeff Jarrett stated that he believes that All Elite Wrestling fulfilled the void left in the marketplace by WCW.

Jeff Jarrett had a long and historic wrestling career. He was best known for his time in WCW in his early wrestling days. After WWE purchased WCW, Jeff Jarrett and his father Jerry Jarrett created TNA, which is now known as IMPACT Wrestling.

In an interview with My World Podcast, Jeff Jarrett discussed numerous topics, most notably the reason behind the creation of AEW. The founder of TNA stated that people have been craving a rival company ever since WCW went out of business:

"I think in a lot of ways, that’s what AEW has capitalized on.They got out on TNT. The void in the marketplace is real, people say they hate change, but they always crave new. Void in the marketplace was something that InDemand specifically latched onto that they knew from their revenue that WCW went away and they wanted to replace that revenue and were willing to do anything they possibly could. Why wouldn’t they? They had no risk involved as well", said Jeff Jarrett (H/T-WrestlinInc).

Jeff Jarrett's statement that AEW capitalized on the presented opportunity couldn't be more true. It wouldn't have been possible without the investment from Tony Khan. With only three years of the company's existence, AEW has reached higher heights in no time.

Jeff Jarrett reveals the success behind X-Division

Jeff Jarrett further stated the innovative style of wrestling from guys like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe enhanced the X-Division:

"In the X-Division, when you see these guys, and [Samoa] Joe maybe had been the very best, Joe, AJ [Styles] and [Christopher] Daniels and others are in there. There style, how to put transitions together, you don’t see a guy like Joe, 260, doing a tope between the top or second rope. The style of wrestling and putting together the transitions and the new innovative moves. AJ would do a flying elbow off the top rope that was his own. Their moves were innovative, their skillset was innovative", said Jeff Jarrett (H/T-WrestlinInc).

Guys like Daniels, AJ, and Joe undoubtedly brought up a whole new concept of wrestling. Not only did the X-Divison turn out to be a successful move, but the wrestlers involved back in the day became megastars in their respective companies today.

Do you think WCW left a void in the mind of people to see a rival company? Do you think X-Division is the reason behind the success of many wrestlers presently? Sound off in the comment section below.

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Edited by Anirban Banerjee
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