"They blew it," "Such a let down" - Fans mock Tony Khan after major gimmick's failure in AEW

Tony Khan is the president of All Elite Wrestling [Photo courtesy of AEW
Tony Khan is the president of All Elite Wrestling [Photo courtesy of AEW's Official YouTube Channel]

Earlier today, one of AEW's major gimmicks was voted by many as the worst gimmick of 2023. Several fans agreed with the results and believed that Tony Khan dropped the ball on the execution of this one. This unsuccessful gimmick was The Devil.

This major character is usually associated with MJF, but this particular persona was someone who went all out to ruin Friedman's life. For several months, the man in the mask had been toying with MJF, and the reveal of his identity came a few months ago at the Worlds End Pay-Per-View, with the face behind the mask revealed as his former best friend, Adam Cole.

Earlier today, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter 2023 Year-End awards winners were revealed. In the category of 'Worst Gimmick,' The Devil took the first spot, with QTV and 'Timeless' Toni Storm coming in next. The poll was based on the votes of the readers of the platform.

Several fans agreed with the take, as they were seemingly not fans of the character. Many felt that the buildup for the man in the mask was dragged on, and this ruined the reveal ultimately.

Following Worlds End, there were mixed reviews for the end of this major storyline and the unmasking of The Devil, and the consensus was how underwhelming this was, as most of the fans were already able to predict the outcome months before.

Some fans believed that the unfortunate injury of Adam Cole messed it all up, and there could have been a better finish. One fan even wondered how Toni Storm's gimmick was in the top 3, considering that for them, The Devil's gimmick flopped way worse.

What other AEW-related stars or events took the crown during the WON Year-End awards?

AEW won a few awards during the WON Year-End awards, but The Devil gimmick failing took the headlines for all the wrong reasons. They had better luck in the other categories.

Excalibur took the award for Best Television Announcer, Don Callis won Best Non-Wrestler, AEW Dynamite won Best Weekly TV Show, AEW REVOLUTION 2023 took the award for Best Major Wrestling Show, FTR won Tag Team of the Year, and Will Ospreay won Wrestler of the Year.

Fans have clearly recognized several of the members of the promotion for their excellent performances in 2023, and they'll look to continue with that this year.

Do you agree with the award winners? Let us know in the comments section below.

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