"They buried Jon Moxley" - WWE veteran slams Tony Khan's booking of 3-time AEW world champion

Jon Moxley lost the world title to MJF
Jon Moxley lost the world title to MJF

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette slammed Jon Moxley's segment on AEW Dynamite last week.

The three-time AEW World Champion recently lost his title to MJF at Full Gear. It was not a clean victory, as William Regal betrayed his fellow BCC member to help Friedman win the championship. This led to a segment involving former Shield member, Bryan Danielson and Regal on Dynamite.

In the space of a few days Mox was betrayed by the mentor of the BCC & Danielson, who chose Regal over himHe's a man on the edge & they're the most dangerous. This is pretty great

During a recent episode of Jim Cornette Experience, the former WWE manager stated that the segment made everyone involved look bad and suggested an alternate method for executing that segment:

"They took some of Regal's heat away. They buried Jon Moxley and they turned Danielson heel. Explain to me how that this couldn't have been done by having Moxley and Regal on VTR from the movie set. Or wherever, say, hey, we're on a movie set, we're going to be back next week to explain this and then have Moxley come out and cut a promo saying 'I'm going to kill William Regal when I see him' and have Danielson come out and stop him with the same story, if you've got to tell that story."

The veteran continued:

"Because then Moxley's not standing there with his balls in his hand, while Regal is standing there not running or doing anything. And Danielson doesn't have to tell this story that didn't get over with the people to begin with, while the guy they want to see get his a** kicked is standing there in the ring. I mean, did everybody look like a putz here in some respect or another?" [From 1:51:00 to 1:52:30]

MJF is scheduled to appear on this week's Dynamite. However, there's no word on whether Regal will accompany the champion.

What happened at AEW Full Gear involving Jon Moxley and former WWE NXT GM William Regal?

The build-up to the main event of AEW Full Gear involved MJF repeatedly insisting that he would not be using unfair means to emerge victorious. He also brought up Jon Moxley's controversial win over himself at All Out 2020.

William Regal Update:As seen at Full Gear, William Regal turned heel and aligned with MJF. There is now an apparent reason as to why. As admitted by Regal himself, his AEW deal is “short” (1 year) and it appears the turn was done to set up his departure from AEW.

In the main event of Full Gear, both men were evenly matched before William Regal made his way to the ring. In a heel turn that many people predicted prior to the show, the former NXT General Manager betrayed the former WWE Champion by sliding in brass knuckles for MJF.

The multi-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner struck Jon Moxley with them and captured the AEW World Title for the first time in his career.

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