"She got it coming" – Top AEW star wants to lock horns with Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks might create some terrific dream matches in AEW!
Sasha Banks might create some terrific dream matches in AEW!

The reigning AEW Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa recently voiced her desire to face Sasha Banks.

Several reports of Banks being released from her WWE contract have been doing the rounds. So far, neither WWE nor Banks have officially denied or confirmed the same. If the reports are true, The Boss might choose to sign with AEW, and many dream matches can be on the cards.

During a recent virtual signing with The Asylum Wrestling Store, Rosa aired her thoughts on Sasha Banks showing up in AEW:

“I mean, of course everybody’s gonna come for whoever’s on top, right? I’m the biggest prey any predator comes after and I’m ready man." (H/T: Wrestling News.Co)

La Mera Mera further expressed keen interest in wrestling Banks if she indeed comes aboard the AEW ship:

"I told you, I’m not afraid of nobody. If Sasha wants – if ‘The Boss’ wants some from La Mera Mera, she got it, she got it coming. Hell yeah. That’s how I do.”
I’d only want to see Sasha Banks in @AEW for the sole reason of getting to witness @thunderrosa22 wiping the mat with her.

Sasha Banks has been a major star attraction for WWE

Over the past decade, the former WWE Tag Team Champion has been among the most beloved and successful WWE Superstars. From NXT to the main roster, the 30-year-old has held ten championships and became the third WWE Women's Grand Slam Champion. She's widely regarded for her vital contributions to the women's wrestling revolution in the industry.

9 years ago today SASHA BANKS debuted in WWE in 2012 on NXT, after a few years in Indies through to become now the most successful women's Superstar in WWE history being on SmackDown & RAW. She is regarded as one of the key players in the Women's Revolution. A LEGEND GOAT🌟🐐🔥💙

Reports of her WWE release caused clamor among fans and veterans alike. Industry veteran Dutch Mantell recently weighed in on the matter during an appearance on Smack Talk:

"I think they(WWE) are gonna miss her a lot. I think there's more to that story too, that we're not hearing. They just don't all of a sudden get mad and go in there to John Lauranitis, put the belt down and walk out. I don't know. But if she's not happy, I think it's the best thing for everybody, especially her to move on."

Thunder Rosa earned the respect of the wrestling realm with her sublime performances. The AEW Women's World Champion would be one of the top stars The Boss would go after. The two could put up exquisite matches entwined with a riveting storyline.

It'll be interesting to see Sasha Banks' next move. If the reports get official approval, could fans witness the potential confrontation between the two exquisite performers? Only time will tell.

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