Tony Khan responds to question about wrestlers' safety during AEW Worlds End media scrum

Tony Khan shared his thoughts on several questions at the AEW Worlds End presser.
Tony Khan is the President of All Elite Wrestling.

The AEW Worlds End media scrum touched upon various topics, and Tony Khan felt that the Jacksonville-based company was the safest place in all of pro wrestling.

The AEW President & CEO Tony Khan, as always, spoke to the media following the company's latest Worlds End Pay-Per-View, and it was not surprising that he was asked about the safety of his contracted talents.

Tony Khan began by stating that All Elite Wrestling has policies in place to ensure every wrestler feels safe and secure behind the scenes. Khan made a bold statement, claiming that the Jacksonville-based promotion had the safest environment in all of pro wrestling, better than any other organization.

Here is what Tony Khan had to say regarding talent safety in his promotion:

"It's a great question, Kevin, and I think it applies to everybody in our company, women and men, and it's something we're very serious about, and we've had a policy in place, and certainly, I think any time there is anything like that, we would make sure we do everything to prevent it. AEW has the best safety record, I believe, of any pro wrestling company in the world. I believe we have the most safe environment. I think we have the best safety record of any pro wrestling company, and I would hold the record of AEW on safety against any wrestling company in the world. I think AEW is the safest place for pro wrestling."

Khan stressed that he was always accessible to the wrestlers, who have an "open line" to interact with the boss at any given time.

Khan went on:

"If any of our wrestlers ever have a concern, they always have an open line to talk to me, and you know, I believe anybody would sit here and tell you they can always talk to me at any time if they are concerned about anything."

"The disciplinary committee has been doing a great job": AEW President Tony Khan

As observed during the highly publicized CM Punk saga, AEW has a disciplinary committee that looks into controversial incidents that might affect the company negatively.

Tony Khan stated that any backstage issue that comes to his attention that requires further investigation gets handed over to the disciplinary committee, which he felt was doing a solid job.

Khan himself has shown in the past that he likes to have strong relationships with his talents, and he reiterated that they can always reach out to him regarding any problems.

"Well, certainly, if there was anything that came to light to me, I would take it to the disciplinary committee, and you know, that's how we've been doing it. The disciplinary committee has been doing a great job, and everybody knows they have an open line to me or anybody on that committee."

The Worlds End Pay-Per-View had some big moments, including title changes, returns, and the unmasking of The Devil, who turned out to be Adam Cole.

What was your biggest takeaway from the show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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