Tony Khan showers praise on Jim Cornette for his opinions on AEW

Tony Khan showered praise on Jim Cornette
Tony Khan showered praise on Jim Cornette

Tony Khan didn't hold back in his praise for Jim Cornette as he appreciated the wrestling veteran's recent opinions on AEW.

Jim Cornette has always been outspoken about All Elite Wrestling programming. The former Midnight Express manager's comments were too cynical for some fans, while others feel his opinions hold merit. Tony Khan has spoken about Cornette before, mostly in a positive light.

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, the AEW President spoke glowingly about Jim Cornette once again. Khan considers Cornette to be a significant voice in the world of professional wrestling:

“It is gratifying," said Khan. "If it was someone whose opinion I didn’t value or somebody who I didn’t think had a lot of merit to their wrestling intellect, I probably wouldn’t put much stock into it. But he is a very intelligent wrestling mind and he has a lot of fans too."

Khan feels the veteran likes the product better now that AEW has some renowned performers on board, adding immense value to the overall product:

“I think he honestly likes it better now and there’s a lot of great wrestlers that have come in who he admires and thinks are good people that should be wrestling on television," Khan continued. "It seems like more often than not he’s been positive about the shows—I certainly don’t want to make it sound like everything we have done he has gone out and praised."
“I think this is without doubt the best debut match in the history of AEW.”- Jim Cornette on Keith Lee’s AEW debut(via Jim Cornette Experience)

Tony Khan spoke further about Jim Cornette's recent opinions on AEW

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Tony Khan noted that he appreciates the fact that someone with the reach that Jim Cornette possesses had so many positive things to say about his show.

The Fulham FC boss revealed that he had been following wrestling since before the internet community came into existence. He went on to say that with the advent of social media, more people are tied into the wrestling community through the voice of Cornette. Khan felt "great" about significant voices saying positive things about his show.

The addition of stars like Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Malakai Black joining AEW has certainly improved the product. With the company expected to sign more free agents over the next few months, many fans are already excited about the promotion's future.

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