"Well look who has grown a pair" - Top AEW star takes a shot at Cesaro following his debut at Forbidden Door

Former WWE star Cesaro (now Claudio Castagnoli) is now with AEW.
Former WWE star Cesaro (now Claudio Castagnoli) is now with AEW.

Eddie Kingston has taken a shot at Claudio Castagnoli (fka Cesaro) by responding to his own old tweet, which stated the latter doesn't have a pair to go to AEW.

Castagnoli, who debuted at AEW at the Forbidden Door pay-per-view, made a surprise appearance as Bryan Danielson's replacement against Zack Sabre Jr., whom he defeated. In the process, the Swiss became a part of Danielson's Blackpool Combat Club as well.

Taking to Twitter, the Mad King brought up his tweet from earlier this year, which indicated Claudio didn't have the guts to go to AEW. The former then proceeded to make another tweet in response to the old one, this time noting that the latter has finally grown a pair.

"Well look who has grown a pair! Hahahahahaha," Kingston tweeted.

Check out Eddie's tweet here:

The long wait has come to an end!@ClaudioCSRO IS ALL ELITE!#AEW #AEWxNJPW #ForbiddenDoor

Castagnoli and Kingston have no love lost for each other as their rivalry dates back to their days on the independent scene. With the former now on the AEW roster, it will be interesting to see if they can rekindle their beef by having a feud down the road.

Check out the full results on Forbidden Door here.

Eddie Kingston's latest shot at Cesaro prompted fans to share their two cents

Fans on Twitter quickly reacted to Eddie Kingston's recent jab at old rival Claudio Castagnoli.

One fan felt AEW were replacing Bryan Danielson with Claudio Castagnoli as Kingston's 'mortal enemy'.


Meanwhile, another user had doubts over whether Kingston and Castagnoli will manage to coexist, especially this Wednesday on Dynamite.

@MadKing1981 CAN. YOU. TWO. COEXIST??

Another fan had a theory that Mad King would call out his rivals more often.

@MadKing1981 Looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of this

One user expressed his desire to see the former Cesaro and Eddie go at it once again, just like their days in Chikara.

Another user decided to steer clear of the Castagnoli-Kingston beef by posting a picture of the duo having a fun moment before.

The Mad King and the Swiss star will be teammates for the Blackpool Combat Club side at Blood and Guts against the Jericho Appreciation Society. Will Eddie and Claudio put their differences aside and co-exist for just one day? We'll find out this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite.

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