"Another ex-WWE star as a champ" - Twitter explodes as Toni Storm becomes the interim AEW Women's Champion at All Out 2022

Toni Storm is a ex-WWE Superstar
Toni Storm is a ex-WWE Superstar

The four-way match for the Interim Women's World title at AEW All Out saw Toni Storm emerge as the winner.

The bout was full of excitement as the four women (Hikaru Shida, Dr. Britt Baker, Toni Storm, and Jamie Hayter) gave their all in their quest to win the gold. Hayter looked in prime position to get the win by pinning Shida, but Baker pulled the referee out of the ring.

Baker then tried to cover Hayter, but she managed to escape the pin. Storm got back up and hit a DDT on Baker. She followed that up with one on Hayter for the win.

The match got mixed reactions as there was support for all four women. Here are some of the best examples:

Fans are delighted that another ex-WWE Superstar picked up the victory.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com Oh great another ex WWE star as a champ…

Baker's loss came as a surprise to many.

Meanwhile, Storm received a lot of support from fans.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com Freaking yes! Finally toni storm is champion! Congratulations 🎊!

Otherwise, Jamie Hayter's fans are not happy.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com The hood wanted Jamie Hayter to win

A user was not aware of Storm's finisher.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com I knew either Jamie or Toni was going to win. I didn't know a jumping DDT was Toni's finisher....

Plus, Jamie Hayter fans keep on hoping.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com one day me and the hayter fanclub will win, one day

The new Interim Women's Champion also has fans rooting for her.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com So happy for her!! Can't wait till she's the official AEW Womens champ instead of Interim

But people are not happy with the "Interim" Champion concept.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com Again, I love AEW. But stop with the interim champs.

Looking forward, the wrestling world feels that Thunder Rosa will end Storm's reign.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com It won't matter because it won't count. When Rosa returns, they'll do another Undisputed Title match then have Rosa win it, making her the REAL champion again and making Toni's reign all for nothing

There was support for Hikaru Shida as well.

@AEW @BleacherReport @FiteTV @ppv_com Yes!!! Would've loved it to be @shidahikaru but this is great... anybody but the doc.

With the win, Toni Storm bagged her first title in AEW. It remains to be seen how she will be booked once Thunder Rosa returns to action.

A WWE legend feels like Vince McMahon can only blame himself for his situation. More details here

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