Twitter reacts to Sammy Guevara's engagement on AEW Dynamite

Sammy Guevara proposed to his girlfriend this week!
Sammy Guevara proposed to his girlfriend this week!

AEW star Sammy Guevara grabbed massive headlines earlier today for not only emerging victorious over his arch-rival Shawn Spears this Wednesday but also winning in his love life.

Fans were waiting with bated breath for the past few days over Sammy Guevara's special announcement on AEW Dynamite. As it turns out, The Spanish God brought his girlfriend (Pam) in the ring and kneeled to propose to her.

The moment took place before the Dynamite show started airing. The AEW star also delivered a short yet heartfelt promo, talking about how his girlfriend supported him throughout his whole journey:

"Man, it's been such a journey to get here through the whole pandemic, but finally I can say AEW is in my home. But Houston we got a fun night for you, but I gotta say I didn't do this alone. No, I've a group of people, I've had a family with me throughout this journey. And one of my biggest supporters is sitting right here in the front row, my girlfriend - Pam Vizio. She's been with me when I had no car, when I worked at Taco Bell, when I was wrestling in front of seven people, She's (Pam) been with me through the bad times and good times, you've been there the entire time. And for that, I want to say thank you, Pam. I've often wondered on this journey, what would I do without you. And I want to make sure I never have to find out that,"Sammy Guevara said.

AEW star Sammy Guevara ended his speech by asking his girlfriend (Pam) to marry him, to which his girlfriend replied with a yes. Since Houston is Guevara's hometown, there couldn't be a perfect time and place for him to do it. The couple kissed each other to conclude the segment.

You can check out the clip below:

Twitter reacts to AEW star Sammy Guevara's engagement this Wednesday

It wasn't just the fans in attendance that congratulated Sammy Guevara, but even social media was in a frenzy and wishes poured in for the Spanish God.

Everyone at Sportskeeda congratulates Sammy Guevara and Pam for getting engaged this week on AEW Dynamite.

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