"We did not like the spot we were in" - Former WWE Diva makes big revelation about pudding match

WWE is the rival promotion of AEW
WWE is the rival promotion of AEW

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis recently made a revealing statement about a memorable pudding match.

The match featured Candice Michelle and Melina on June 3, 2007, at WWE's One Night Stand show, where both Divas were battling it out inside a pool of chocolate pudding.

The match saw Candice Michelle emerge victorious by making Melina tap out. Following the match, Maria Kanellis conducted an interview with Candice. However, the aftermath of the contest took an unexpected turn when Melina attacked Maria, prompting both Candice and Maria to retaliate and stand tall against her.

Reflecting on that particular moment in history, Maria Kanellis took to social media to share her thoughts on the pudding match.

".Just a reminder of the resilience of a group of women that had a major impact on changing the industry. We worked with what we had. We fought for more time. We built characters out of nothing all in tiny dresses and stilettos. We were tough. Giggling and smiling past inappropriate comments so we could make space. We did not like the spot we were in but it was all we had. So we made the most of it. To all of the women I had the pleasure of working with in that time, thank you, I love you, and I respect the undeniable strength you had to have," Maria tweeted.

Maria Kanellis opens up about her WWE gimmick experience

Reflecting on her early WWE days, Maria Kanellis opened up about her former gimmick as a "ditzy" backstage interviewer on RAW.

On the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Maria expressed that it was her worst nightmare at the time.

"It was my worst nightmare at the time. I'm so grateful now, because of that, and being that kind of character, I got to work with everybody because they could play off of me. They could get their characters over because I was ditzy."

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