"Wouldn’t bring a whole hell of a lot to the table" - Dan Lambert shares honest thoughts about Cody Rhodes' AEW run (Exclusive)

What would Dan Lambert do if he managed Cody Rhodes in AEW?
What would Dan Lambert do if he managed Cody Rhodes in AEW?

Former AEW personality Dan Lambert has given his thoughts on what he thinks it would be like to manage one of All Elite Wrestling's founding fathers, Cody Rhodes.

Cody left AEW in February 2022 after spending three years with the company, returning to WWE at WrestleMania 38, where he entered into a feud with Seth Rollins.

The "American Nightmare" has been on the shelf since June 2022 due to an injury, but is set to return to action at this weekend's Royal Rumble Premium Live Event in San Antonio, Texas.

There’s nothing in this life time I want more in my professional career. This means everything to me. I’ll be damned if anything or anyone tried to stop me EVER AGAIN!

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter, Dan Lambert was asked what tips and tricks he could bring to Cody Rhodes' game if he was his manager. Here's what he had to say:

“Probably one of the few people I could say I probably wouldn’t bring a whole hell of a lot to the table—to his table that he hasn’t already seen before. I may not have liked Cody [Rhodes] while I was there, I may not have liked Brandi [Rhodes] even less when I was there.” [0:40-0:54]

Lambert elaborated on the last point where he said he didn't like either Cody or his wife Brandi by saying this:

“Just because he played the politics game better than anybody in history and sucked up to Tony Khan, man, and got his way all the time. And what the hell is a ‘Chief Brand Officer?’ What does that even mean, other than to feed your ego?” [0:55-1:14]

You can watch the full clip between Dan Lambert and Bill Apter right here:


Dan Lambert was one of Brandi and Cody Rhodes' final feuds before their AEW exit

One of the most surprising aspects of Cody and Brandi Rhodes leaving AEW was that it seemed as if they were about to enter into a feud with Dan Lambert and the American Top Team.

On the February 2nd edition of AEW Dynamite in Chicago, Illinois, Brandi Rhodes was confronted by Dan Lambert and Men of the Year, which led to Paige VanZant coming out in an attempt to brawl with the "Chief Brand Officer."

"I almost feel like a decent human being standing next to you." - Dan Lambert to Brandi Rhodes #AEWDynamite

Less than two weeks after this segment, both Brandi and Cody Rhodes left AEW, with the American Top Team transitioning into a feud with the man who had just defeated Cody for the TNT Championship, Sammy Guevara.

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