Wrestling fans enthused about House of Black demanding a 'more sadistic version' of AEW star on Rampage

The House of Black may be looking at a new member.

Fans have been pouring their thoughts onto social media after AEW Rampage's House of Black promo invited a little more sadism from Eddie Kingston.

As of late, House of Black has set its sights on the pairing of Eddie Kingston and Ortiz. It was teased a short while ago that the House of Black could headhunt the latter. However, tonight's AEW Rampage saw the faction divert their interest to the Mad King.

Malakai asked Eddie if he had grown to know. Later during the show, a promo segment between Kingston and Ortiz indicated the latter was suspecting the former, too.

Fans have since reacted to the segment. Mostly, fans are on board with the storyline. While some made it clear they would like Eddie to join the faction, others opined that the feud was just getting started.

A more sadisitic version of Eddie Kingston would be INSANE to see
Malakai & The House of Black wants the darker version of Eddie to come out . This feud could get really interesting #AEWRampage
I wouldn't be mad about it if @MadKing1981 joined House of Black, just saying.
@AdamGoldberg28 Someone said a while ago that they think Santana will return as a member of the House of Black. I think it's a good swerve.
@RAWFShowtime @melissax1125 Is Santana & Ortiz not coming back? I wonder if Kingston will get recruited to House of Black, then Santana & Ortiz come back and try to get him out of their cult.
So The House Of Black talked about Eddie Kingston last year & they want to recruit him so I am guessing at Revolution we're getting Eddie Kingston Vs Malakai Black sign me up.#AEWRampage
Man if only Santana was cleared. LAX vs House of black would’ve gone hard #AEWRampage
Eddie, the House of Black is NOT here to help you 😳#AEWRampage
All for Eddie joining House Of Black! #AEWRampage

The House of Black has grown its ranks since Malakai made his AEW debut. The first to be added was Malakai Black's PWG Tag Title-winning partner Brody King.

Released WWE star Buddy Matthews came shortly after, and Julia Hart defected from the Varsity Blonds, giving into her darker side.

Would you like Eddie Kingston to join the House of Black? Join the discussion in the comments section below.

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