"He proved everybody wrong" - Jim Cornette compares top AEW star to WWE legend Roddy Piper

Jim Cornette was a big fan of a recent promo on AEW
Jim Cornette was a big fan of a recent promo on AEW

Jim Cornette was full of praise for the MJF promo that aired on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite.

MJF cut a promo on Darby Allin, following his win over the former TNT Champion at AEW Full Gear. We saw a very different MJF during this blistering promo, which was later replayed on AEW Dynamite.

One person who loved this promo was wrestling legend Jim Cornette. Speaking on The Jim Cornette Experience, the veteran manager compared MJF to the legendary 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper. Cornette called the promo "flawless":

This was a pretape that was shot after the Darby Allin match. He's sweating, he's still in his gear, he's covered, as he said, in Darby's shame and not his face paint. I don't know if this was two minutes or three, I don't know how long it was, but it was a Roddy Piper promo. It was flawless. The emotion, the venom dripping from the words that he said, about people he doesn't like and he proved everybody wrong and he beat Darby Allin with a headlock takeover and blah blah blah, what a heel. I'm surprised he didn't have a brain aneurysm doing this promo but it was great.

Jim Cornette on MJF's recent promo beng different from his usual work on AEW television

Jim Cornette's co-host Brian Last then pointed out how MJF's promo following his match against Darby Allin at AEW Full Gear was very different from what we usually get from MJF. He said that he hoped to see more promos in the same vein from him going forward. Cornette agreed, saying this promo was very different from the calm and composed MJF we usually see on AEW television:

Your blood's pumping and the adrenalin is flowing when you're in a situation like that. You've got that advantage but it's just a different way rather than MJF, like you said, always coming out and being composed and snotty with people by being in control. There he's in control but triumphant and it was just an extra gear.

After his win at AEW Full Gear, MJF has now entered a feud with CM Punk. Punk confronted MJF on Dynamite before refusing a handshake and walking to the back.

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