Jim Cornette reacts to Arn Anderson's AEW Dynamite segment

AEW star Arn Anderson and wrestling veteran Jim Cornette
AEW star Arn Anderson and wrestling veteran Jim Cornette
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Former wrestling manager Jim Cornette recently spoke about the infamous Arn Anderson promo, which aired during the latest episode of AEW Dynamite.

Anderson, during his promo with Cody Rhodes, referred to using a Glock which instantly became viral on social media.

In the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson teamed up to take on Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. The Nightmare Family was victorious, but what happened afterward became the talk of the town.

Anderson took the microphone and cut an intense promo where he yelled at Cody Rhodes and left him standing alone at the end of the segment.

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette liked the promo and talked about it during his latest episode of The Experience. He felt that the promo finally gave Anderson something to talk about. Cornette also laughed at Arn for ending up as a meme due to him referring to using a Glock in the promo.

Tony Schiavone gets into the ring with Arn, Cody and Lee and people are booing Cody until he called Malakai Black out; they cheered for that. They wanted to see him get kicked out again by Malakai Black, but Arn shuts him up. And for once Arn fired him up. Remember, I have said the only couple of times he has done any kind of promo it didn't come out as an Arn Anderson promo. But here he basically just told Cody that he didn't have the killer instinct. He made himself multiple memes on the internet when he said, β€œthe difference between you and me is Cody.. if someone at the gas station pulls a gun on you and tries to take your car; you say here take it. Whereas I would pull out my glock and spray their brains all over the concrete.” So now on Twitter he is Armed Anderson (Laughs). He left Cody standing there. It was a good promo because finally Arn had something to talk about," said Jim Cornette.

Jim Cornette reveals why Cody Rhodes needs to be a heel

After talking about Arn Anderson's promo, Jim Cornette spoke about the need to change Cody's character as a heel.

Cornette spoke about Rhodes' reality show Rhodes To The Top and pointed out that it's one of the reasons why fans hate him. Cornette then said that fans may start to cheer for Cody again when he turns heel because, at the moment, fans are just loving to boo him.

Wow! @TheArnShow holds nothing back with some very strong words for @CodyRhodes. What's going on with the #NightmareFamily? Tune in to @tntdrama NOW to watch #AEWDynamite LIVE!

The 'Armed Anderson' memes have taken over the internet, and wrestling fans are having a great time laughing at it. Cornette also seems to enjoy these memes.

What do you think about Arn Anderson's promo? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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