WWE legend Jim Ross discloses one major advantage AEW has in signing new talent

Jim Ross is currently signed to AEW
Jim Ross is currently signed to AEW

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross has commented on what gives AEW an advantage in recruiting talent.

Ross, who is known to have some of the best mic skills in the wrestling industry, is currently signed to Tony Khan's company as a commentator, analyst, and senior advisor.

He penned a three-year deal with the company in 2019 after completing his third stint with WWE, which lasted only two years.

On the latest episode of hisGrilling JR” podcast, Ross explained that AEW's work schedule allows its stars to spend enough time with their families. He also mentioned that they have a two-day work schedule a week which has not been witnessed in professional wrestling before.

“AEW, we don’t even do the house shows,” Ross said. “Our guys work a travel day and a production day, so they’ve got one of the best schedules in the history of pro wrestling, and are making good money in AEW, and their longevity is going to increase, I think we’ll see. I think what’s always going to be great for us, as far as recruiting talent, is the fact that we’ve got a schedule that’s family-friendly for the talent. First time ever.” - said Ross. (h/t to Wrestling Inc.)
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AEW commentator Jim Ross explains how traveling has become difficult for him

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Being an integral part of the show, the 70-year-old often has to travel to different locations. He spoke about the problems he faced while traveling.

Speaking with Conrad Thompson on an episode of Ask JR Live, he explained that he goes through unbearable situations while traveling on airplanes.

“My foot swells so badly on the airplanes, and the pain is just a little bit unbearable. Today was a horrible, horrible day, because I was in the airplane for so damn long, and the pressure of the cabin and all this stuff and just a bunch of rigmarole.”

Jim Ross recently extended his contract with AEW, which will see him serve in the promotion until 2024. Do you think Ross will return to WWE in the future? Sound off in the comments section below.

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