WWE to reportedly make more money from one Saudi Arabia show than AEW's yearly TV deal

WWE Crown Jewel PPV and AEW CEO Tony Khan
WWE Crown Jewel PPV and AEW CEO Tony Khan
Muhammed Shijas

As per reports from Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics, WWE has earned more by staging events in Saudi Arabia than what AEW has earned for its U.S. TV deal. WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia is a 10-year agreement between Vince McMahon's company and the government that started in 2018.

AEW has earned close to $175M from the multi-year deal that they secured from WarnerMedia TV. This was a huge coup for a brand like AEW who had only started their journey a couple of years ago. Fans have always loved to compare WWE with AEW, but when you compare both the brands in terms of market value, WWE dominates the frame.

WWE returns for its 6th event for the Saudi Arabian government on Oct 21.Each event is worth $50M-$55M in payments to WWE. That's more than AEW will likely be paid all year for its U.S. TV deal.The 5 events so far total more than ticket sales for every Wrestlemania combined.

The latest report from Wrestlenomics is an outstanding example of how WWE has been able to churn in more money using their great market value. The reports suggest WWE has already earned more than $250M by staging events in Saudi Arabia for the past few years. This coming November will be WWE's 6th event in Saudi Arabia which will earn them another $50-$55M.

This sum is much more than what AEW has secured for their US TV deal. In fact, the five events staged in Saudi Arabia so far, has helped WWE earn more than what they have earned from ticket sales of every single WrestleMania.

WWE still dominates AEW when it comes to market value

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Fans know that WWE can easily dominate Tony Khan's brand when it comes to market values and deals. However AEW has done well since their debut and the company has a net worth that is close to $400M. Tony Khan, in an interview to PWInsider, stated that the company has invested over $20M into Epic Games to create the new console game for the brand.

AEW is growing at a fairly decent pace and they're on the right path to attain much more market value in the coming years. They can lock horns with WWE when it comes to quality in matches and the talpool,pool but Tony Khan's company is a long way off reaching the heights of WWE in terms of marketing success.

What do you make of the numbers from Brandon Thurston's report? Do you think AEW can eventually topple WWE when it comes to market value? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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