WWE veteran says MJF is not The Rock or John Cena; loves that the AEW Champion "ruffles feathers" like Hall of Famer

MJF has long been compared to legends of the industry

Wrestling veteran Chavo Guerrero Jr. has drawn comparisons between MJF and Roddy Piper, opining that the AEW star is more like 'Rowdy' than either John Cena or The Rock.

MJF is the current AEW World Champion, having won the title against Jon Moxley at Full Gear 2022. He has become one of the industry's most popular stars with a quick wit, line-stepping dialog, and a 24/7 approach to his character not often found among today's wrestlers.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc., Chavo Guerrero revealed that he felt MJF would "ruffle feathers" a lot in the way Friedman does.

"I see him more as a Roddy Piper potential. You know how Roddy could just... He was really quick witted. He could really ruffle feathers...Man, he was very straight to the point, antagonistic, keeping kayfabe, but also just was really, he just pushed the envelope better than anybody ever does."

Guerrero added that the world champion's character did not bear any resemblance to either The Rock or John Cena.

"Anytime you see Cena or Rock, or Batista for the most part in interviews, they're very PC in a sense. MJF is not. He's more like a Roddy Piper. He ruffles feathers and gets people going." [H/T Wrestling Inc.]
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Chavo himself worked for AEW for a brief time. He was brought into the fold as the manager of Andrade El Idolo, a short stint before he was dropped by the latter.

Chavo Guerrero continued his point that Roddy Piper and the AEW star are cut from their own molds

Despite their similarities, the former WWE star refused to say that MJF and Roddy Piper were similar.

He stated that there was "only one Roddy Piper."

"It's weird. Roddy was Roddy. He was a different cut from a different mold for sure. And there's only one Roddy Piper. But if I was going to compare MJF to somebody, I would compare him to that as opposed to a John Cena or a Rock or Punk or somebody. He's cut from his own little mold there."
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MJF is set to star in his first major film role as part of the Iron Claw movie, which will chronicle the legendary Von Erich family. Zac Efron will also star in the movie as Kevin Von Erich.

Which legend would you say MJF best resembles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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