"WWE would've started with a 10-bell salute" - Wrestling legend reacts to Jay Briscoe tribute on AEW Dynamite 

Jay Briscoe was honored during this week's Dynamite show.

Jay Briscoe was honored during this week's AEW Dynamite after his tragic passing last Tuesday. Reacting to the tribute was Bully Ray, who spoke on the difference between the way AEW and WWE deal with tributes differently.

This week saw Mark Briscoe main event Dynamite, facing another Ring of Honor stalwart and close friend of Jay's in Jay Lethal. Briscoe won his AEW debut and dedicated his victory to his brother to close the show.

Reviewing the show during Busted Open, Bully Ray noted that Dynamite didn't start with a 10-bell salute as has come to be expected from other companies like WWE.

"When the show started last night, I found it interesting that they didn't start with a 10 bell salute or in the typical wrestling fashion where maybe WWE would've started with a 10 bell salute...I was saying to myself, this is probably much better for television because if you start off with the 10 bell salute, you have now primed your entire arena and the people at home for a very somber night..."

He acknowledged that perhaps the show was better in that regard, pointing to the fact that they had built up to the memorial as an emotional climax.

"I think the way AEW did it last night accomplished two things. They got their exciting TV that we've come to know from them every Wednesday night and we also got an amazing tribute." - Bully Ray said. (08:25-09:47)

Mark and Jay were the ROH tag champs when the latter passed. Mark entered his match with both belts held above his head.

Tommy Dreamer described AEW Dynamite as "pure class"

During the same podcast, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer also had the chance to air his thoughts on the show.

He described the decision to have Briscoe vs Lethal in the main event as "pure class" and echoed Bully's sentiment that the show would have suffered emotional burn-out if it went on first.

"Like I said, pure class. I also think, show-wise, if they would've done that [Briscoe vs Lethal] first, all this, all everything after that, wouldn't have- like all the air leaves the building after that, you know." - Tommy Dreamer said. (7:20-7:37)

Additional to the tribute episode of Dynamite, Tony Khan put together an entire memorial show which has been released on YouTube and Honor Club.

What did you make of Mark Briscoe vs Jay Lethal? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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