“You egg-sucking piece of gutter trash” - Brian Cage goes off on son of WWE legend

Brian Cage is a former FTW Champion
Brian Cage is a former FTW Champion

AEW star Brian Cage recently lashed out at the son of a former WWE Superstar.

During a backstage interview on the February 21, 2024, episode of Dynamite, the Machine addressed FTW Champion HOOK. The 24-year-old upcoming talent made his AEW debut in 2020 and was a member of his father, WWE legend Taz's heel faction, Team Taz, alongside Cage.

HOOK and Cage have clashed many times in recent weeks, and it seems like a singles encounter between the two is imminent. On the latest edition of Dynamite, Cage teamed up with his Moghul Embassy stablemate Swerve Strickland and AEW World Champion Samoa Joe to defeat HOOK, Hangman Page, and former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam in trios action.

In the backstage interview after the bout, Brian Cage made fiery remarks about HOOK.

"Look at the bright side, though. We still left HOOK lying. Look at him. Each and every time he winds up against the Machine, he's gonna look just like that. HOOK, you egg-sucking piece of gutter trash, I told you last week you don't belong here. You, or that [FTW] title, neither of you belong here. I didn't want that title then, I d**n sure don't want it now."

However, he also wanted to reclaim the FTW Championship from the Cold Hearted Handsome Devil.

"But what do I want? I want to pry that title out of the beaten and defeated HOOK's hands, hold it up in all its glory, and then throw it right out the d**n window. Wham! See ya! Thanks for coming!" said Cage. [00:17 - 00:47]

Check out Cage's backstage interview here:

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam calls HOOK a very "likable" guy

Rob Van Dam recently commented on his AEW tag partner HOOK, calling him likable.

The former WWE Superstar teamed up with the Cold Hearted Handsome Devil on Collision in September 2023 and again on Dynamite the following month. He tagged with HOOK and Hangman Page on the February 21, 2024, edition of Dynamite in a losing effort against Brian Cage, Swerve Strickland, and Samoa Joe. The reigning AEW World Champion picked up the win for his team by choking out RVD with the Coquina Clutch.

In a conversation with The Two Man Power Trip, Rob Van Dam shared his thoughts on HOOK. He also remarked on the latter's impressive audience engagement.

"He's a very likable guy and um... [that's] not just first-hand from me thinking he's got a good vibe [and] I like him, but I even noticed first that the crowd took to him so much, and so... I was trying to figure that out, like, what is that about him? I think it's cool that he's Taz's son. To use a pun - that's a little hook on his character, and makes him stand out a little bit," he said. [From 12:33 to 13:12]


RVD has also stated that he wishes to go after the AEW World Championship and become the first to have held a championship in ECW, WWE, TNA, and AEW.

What's next for RVD in AEW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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