Rumor killer on Bray Wyatt joining AEW

Will Bray Wyatt join All Elite Wrestling?
Will Bray Wyatt join All Elite Wrestling?
Uday Maggon

Bray Wyatt is one of the biggest free agents in the world so naturally almost every rumor points to him going to AEW.

According to recent reports from Dave Meltzer, Wyatt to AEW is quite likely but a conflicting report has popped up.

On the Bryan and Vinnie Show, Bryan Alvarez stated that he was told by "people from AEW" that there is no deal at the moment involving Bray Wyatt.

“On the Wrestling Observer Radio show with Garrett, I don’t know the exact wording that Dave [Meltzer] used but he seemed to indicate that Bray Wyatt was going to AEW. What I can tell you about this, I am not saying that Dave is wrong. He may be right and it may happen but, as soon as that show went up I started getting text messages and they were from people in AEW. It was not Tony Khan," Bryan Alvarez said.
“These were people that probably should know and they were like ‘did Dave say that Bray is coming?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, I didn’t do the show, I haven’t heard it yet.’ Essentially, they were unaware of this. Again, I am not saying that Bray isn’t going or that Dave is wrong. Dave may know something that they don’t know, which would be sort of weird. But that’s the story right now." (h/t: WrestlingNews)

Alvarez concluded by stating that he is almost certain that Daniel Bryan will join AEW, but the Bray Wyatt to AEW rumor is up in the air for now and could go either way.

Is Bray Wyatt a better fit for AEW or IMPACT Wrestling?

Bray Wyatt has time and again impressed audiences with his creativity and character work. There is always a supernatural and dark edge to his character.

So that naturally begs the question: Which company stands to benefit the most with a man like Wyatt on their roster?

AEW has Malakai Black as a dark, twisted character and Tony Khan's promotion tries to present a more sports-like product. IMPACT, on the other hand, is well-known to indulge in magic and supernatural gimmicks, as we see with Su Young, Rosemary and Havok.

It could be argued that Wyatt is probably better suited to IMPACT than AEW but he is a huge name who will sign for big money wherever he goes. Whichever company gets him will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

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