Is it time for Brian Pillman Jr. to fly solo?

Brian Pillman Jr is one of AEW's great young prospects. Is it time for him to pursue a solo career?
Brian Pillman Jr is one of AEW's great young prospects. Is it time for him to pursue a solo career?

If you're talking about guys who came into the wrestling industry facing daunting expectations, look no further than AEW star Brian Pillman Jr.

The second-generation star has big shoes to fill, as he's following in the footsteps of his famous father. His journey as a wrestler is even more challenging due to the way fans view the elder Pillman as a wrestling genius.

After he passed away in his prime at just 35 years old, Flyin' Brian will be framed forever as someone who just scratchched the surface of his psychological prowess. The former WCW star had mastered the game, but he never got to show his hand. His brilliance was evident, and anyone who tried to follow him would inherently risk falling short of his example.

But rather than shying away from this tall order, the son has embraced the legacy of the father, and the former MLW Rookie of the Year continues to pay homage to him. After all, he looks, walks and talks just like his father, so why not just go with it, right?

Brian Pillman Jr. is now making the climb to become a top-level performer in AEW.

An annual Owen Hart tournament!Wow!! AEW just continues to do amazing things. πŸ–€πŸ’—The first winner should be Brian Pillman Jr. No doubt about it! πŸ†

BPJ has mostly been spending his time as part of the tag team, The Varsity Blonds, with Griff Garrison. They portray two blue chip All-American athletes - complete with letterman jackets and all. The duo is also accompanied to the ring by their cheerleader, Julia Hart.

It's a fun gimmick, and the two men play it well. Ironically, it's also a bit of a nod to the former NWA faction The Varsity Club, which was led by one of Flyin' Brian's greatest rivals, Kevin Sullivan.

Nostalgia aside, the Blonds have yet to really establish themselves in AEW's stacked tag team division. They've picked up a few wins here and there, but Brian and Griff can't be mentioned in the same breath as teams like FTR or Santana & Ortiz.

In short, the Varsity Blonds are a long way away from the gold right now, and it doesn't look like they're going to rocket up the rankings anytime soon.

Pillman Jr. could become a singles star, and a recent angle hinted at the team's split

"Next week Malakai, I'm going to break your jaw!"The unprovoked attack by @malakaiblxck on @TheJuliaHart has @griffgarrison1 of the #VarsityBlonds fuming!Watch #AEWDynamite #WinterIsComing LIVE everywhere on @tntdrama NOW

The Varsity Blonds' lack of success could be a blessing in disguise for Brian Pillman Jr.

While the pair probably could have thrived at another time or in another place, the duo is basically caught in purgatory right now. For someone who has waited so long to take his game to the next level, that's no place for Pillman Jr. to be.

No offense to Griff Garrison, a former football star and a fine grappler in his own right, but BPJ has what it takes to be a top star. His destiny is finally calling to him, and it's time for the second-generation wrestler to answer.

In recent weeks, The Varsity Blonds have entered a feud with Malakai Black. Garrison will face the leader of the House of Black this week on AEW Dynamite, and it's possible that this rivalry will eventually lead to the team's break-up. Black's dark influence could convince Garrison to turn on his partner, or vice versa. Either way, it seems like Pillman's breakout moment is upon us.

Brian Pillman Jr. has shown that he can carry on his father's legacy. Now, he must carve out one of his own by blazing his own trail in AEW and taking his turn to fly.

Do you think Brian Pillman Jr. should leave the Varsity Blonds and become a singles competitor? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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