Why does CM Punk have a Pepsi tattoo?

CM Punk's Pepsi tattoo is well-known
CM Punk's Pepsi tattoo is well-known

CM Punk shocked everyone when he made his pro-wrestling return after more than seven years. He is famous for his excellent promo skills and in-ring work, but that's not all. Punk is also known for having multiple tattoos that carry different meanings.

The Pepsi Logo near CM Punk's left shoulder is probably his most famous tattoo. Whenever he is asked about the reason behind this tattoo, he just says that he likes Pepsi. The tattoo also puts more emphasis on his Straight Edge beliefs.

Some people who consume alcohol often tattoo a beer brand on their bodies. Similarly, CM Punk inked Pepsi's logo to signify that he doesn't go for alcohol and prefers Pepsi instead.

It can also be noted that CM Punk used moves like 'Pepsi Plunge' in his moveset before debuting in WWE. It was basically a modified form of Triple H's Pedigree, so WWE didn't allow its use.

How many tattoos does CM Punk have?

CM Punk's 'Drug-Free' tattoo
CM Punk's 'Drug-Free' tattoo

CM Punk has a lot of tattoos on his body. To be exact, CM Punk has a total of 52 tattoos. All these tattoos signify something or the other.

Some tattoos are related to wrestling, while others are related to his Straight Edge lifestyle. Punk also has tattoos that offer a tribute to the WWE Legend - Harley Race.

Do these many tattoos create minor problems in CM Punk's life?

The answer is yes, they do. Punk is currently working for a Starz series called 'Heels'. During a recent Q&A session, Punk explained that it takes about three hours to cover his tattoos.

“It took three, three and a half hours, depending on how many people I had working on me, to cover up all my tattoos,” Punk said. “And go figure, I have more tattoos than I realized, because we would finish and I’d be like ‘okay great.’ Then we’d be shooting a scene where I’d have my pants around my ankles and I’d be like ‘oh s**t. I have other tattoos."

These many tattoos may create some difficulties in Punk's life, but CM Punk and his fans love them. The 'Best in the World' may get more tattoos very soon, which may add to his character in AEW.

What do you think? Will CM Punk get some more tattoos? Let us know in the comments section!

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