Why does MJF wear a scarf?

AEW's fastest rising star: MJF. Don't forget, he's better than all of us.
AEW's fastest rising star: MJF. Don't forget, he's better than all of us.

AEW Star MJF is probably the best young talent in the professional wrestling business. The 25-year-old is a tremendous performer and has proved his worth from time to time.

He has a charismatic personality that amazes the fans every time he steps foot in the ring. His mic skills and character work are unbelievable, something you would not usually expect from such a young star.

Aside from his quirky mannerisms, the wrestling community is also fond of the plaid scarf that the Pinnacle Leader carries with him. That small piece of Burberry cloth enhances MJF's rich and snobbish personality. But why does he wear it?

MJF's Burberry scarf is a homage to his hero

In a 2020 interview with Newsday, the obnoxious heel talked about the origins of his character.

When asked about his scarf, the 25-year old made a surprising revelation. According to MJF, the scarf is actually a tribute to his childhood hero, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

Roddy used to wear a signature 'kilt' in the ring, which is still remembered as one of the most legendary attires of all time. The kilt enhanced his short-tempered and hot-headed personality.

MJF stated that the iconic "Hot Rod" was one of his all-time favorites and one of the biggest reasons behind him entering the professional wrestling business. Thus, he started wearing a classy scarf around his neck as a tribute to Piper's kilt.

MVP took a dig at MJF for stealing his gimmick

In September 2020, WWE RAW Superstar MVP took a hilarious shot at the AEW star. He took to his Instagram and posted a really interesting video featuring him and Teddy Long.

In the video, MVP can be seen wearing a scarf very similar to MJF's. The post also had a clever caption. The former United States Champion claimed that his attire looked familiar as if he had seen it somewhere recently. He also stated that his look and attitude had been rebooted, clearly mocking the rising star.

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