WWE legend possibly leaving; Jon Moxley's fate; CM Punk's future disclosed? - 3 Things AEW subtly told us on AEW Dynamite after Full Gear

Will we ever see CM Punk in a ring again?
Will we ever see CM Punk in a ring again?

The post-Full Gear episode of AEW Dynamite is in the history books. We have plenty to unpack with respect to Jon Moxley, CM Punk, and WWE legend William Regal.

Jon Moxley confronted William Regal after the latter's betrayal on Saturday cost the former the AEW World Championship against MJF. The Elite took on the Lucha Bros and PAC in the second match of their ongoing best of seven series while Chris Jericho faced Tomohiro Ishii in the main event.

Without any delay, let's look at what the company subtly told the audience.

#3. Is CM Punk returning to AEW?

During the Elite vs. Death Triangle match, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks made numerous taunts towards CM Punk. Matt Jackson mocked the Second City Saint by deliberately botching the Buckshot Lariat the same way the former WWE Champion did on two occasions.

CM Punk will return to AEW, and he's gonna become the biggest heel in professional wrestling.I can't wait.

Kenny Omega went on to bite PAC's arm, perform the sleeping gesture made famous by CM Punk and even delivered a Go To Sleep.

Could this be foreshadowing the Voice of the Voiceless' potential return? It is unusual for so many references to happen without a big payoff in AEW. If he does return, Kenny Omega vs. CM Punk will be one of the most anticipated clashes in modern history.

#2. Is William Regal on his way out of AEW?

Unlike many other WWE imports, William Regal is not on a lengthy contract in AEW. On last night's Dynamite, Jon Moxley confronted him to question him about his actions during the Full Gear main event.

Was that a way to write William Regal off TV? Going back to WWE? #AEWDynamite

Moxley told the wrestling legend to walk out of the arena and then keep walking. William Regal, who provided a major assist to MJF to help him capture his maiden world title, left the ring without uttering a word.

With his contract reportedly expiring soon and Triple H at the helm in WWE, fans have speculated that the former NXT Commissioner could return to his former company and this was Tony Khan's way of writing him off from television.

#1. Is Jon Moxley breaking off from the BCC?

Jon Moxley seemed ready to let fists fly with William Regal in the ring on Dynamite. However, fellow Blackpool Combat Club member Bryan Danielson intervened and pleaded with his partner to let it slide.

MOXLEY HELD BACK HIS TEARS.My emotional investment with AEW just peaked.

It certainly felt like a heel promo from the former Daniel Bryan. With William Regal walking off into the sunset and Danielson potentially turning heel, this is likely to be the end of the Blackpool Combat Club.

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