"You couldn't lace my boots" – When Adam Cole roasted current WWE Superstar

Adam Cole is a former NXT Champion
Adam Cole is a former NXT Champion

Adam Cole was considered a rising talent on WWE NXT and a major push on the main roster was speculated to be in his future. However, all plans came to a halt when his contract expired in 2021 and was not set for renewal. A clip of the AEW star roasting Karrion Kross recently resurfaced on social media.

Kross was one of the talents released by WWE amidst a mass departure. But when Triple H came back into administrative power, Kross soon returned and commenced an intense rivalry with Drew McIntyre.

Cole was the former NXT Champion and feuded on multiple occasions with Kross. Cole signed with AEW in 2021 and debuted at the All Out event that year. He reunited with The Young Bucks, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O' Reilly. But his AEW run was disrupted when he suffered a concussion at the Forbidden Door event last year. He returned a few weeks ago, citing that his health concerns were at bay and he looked forward to competing in the ring again.

Recently, a clip featuring a confrontation between the AEW star and Karrion Kross started doing the rounds. The then NXT Champion cited that the 37-year old did not hold a light to him:

"I'm Adam Cole (bay bay) and you never will be, because this brand has done everything in their power to make you feel special. You got the cool music, you got the lights, you got the fog machine, you got the girl. You know what they do to make Adam Cole feel special? They ring the freakin' bell. Because on your best day, you couldn't lace my boots. You can't hang with me, you aren't on my level, and anybody who watches pro wrestling knows that." (00:01 - 00:38)
Adam Cole really buried Karrion Kross here 😭😭😭 Bro hasn’t been the same since 😭😭😭

Disco Inferno believes AEW is giving Adam Cole 'the Cody Rhodes treatment'

Adam Cole was considered a face on All Elite Wrestling. But when he returned briefly in August last year, he aligned with Kyle O' Reilly and Bobby Fish to turn on The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), much to everyone's surprise.

Recently on an edition of Keepin' it 100 podcast, Disco Inferno stated that the promotion focused on hyping Cole's return just like WWE was doing with Cody Rhodes:

"They're really investing in Adam Cole coming back. They're giving him like the Cody Rhodes treatment."

While the 33-year old made his intentions clear upon his return earlier this month, he also highlighted that no one in the locker room was safe from him. He further added that he was not to be taken lightly.

Do you think there are similarities between the two promising stars? Let us know in the comments section below.

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