Among us in real-life: How would the game look with 0 Impostors

Image via Shiloh & Bros
Image via Shiloh & Bros
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Amitesh Dhar

Among Us, the world's most popular social deduction game, relies heavily on the participation of Crewmates and Impostors. The entire mechanics of the game revolve around these two roles.

Few individuals have made a live-action version of Among Us without an Impostor. Although they managed to pull off the real-life version of the game brilliantly, it lacked the element of surprise that the Impostor brings to the table.

How would Among Us look without the presence of an Impostor?


In the video above, a few friends got together and created a real-life version of Among Us. They went about doing their tasks at a leisurely pace because there was no impostor to worry about.

However, when it came to voting, they decided to vote a fellow Crewmate out because it was fun. The group finally came to a consensus that Impostors were required in a game of Among Us.

That stands to be true in the digital version of the game as well. Without an Impostor, the game will not have any meaning. It will just be a bunch of Crewmates running around to complete tasks. The entire survival and deduction aspect of Among Us goes amiss if there aren't any Impostors in the game.


There would be a similar situation if Among Us had only Impostors and no Crewmates. The fact is that both these roles complement each other in multiple ways, and it has made Among Us the successful game that it is today.

There are a few mods in the market which bring additional roles to Among Us. These mods aren't officially released by InnerSloth Studios. They're developed by the fan community, so players should exercise caution while using them.


These mods bring roles like the Jester or a Medic which make the overall gameplay more interesting. There's also a mod which turns the Impostor into a giant foot. None of these mods, however, ignore the role of the Impostor in Among Us.

Having said that, the overall mechanics of this game are very simple, and it's very easy to understand. Despite being very simple in nature, Impostors and Crewmates need to pay attention to the details while playing this game if they want to win.

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