Among Us trailer reveals upcoming Hide and Seek game mode

Players can look forward to an exciting new game mode: Hide and Seek (Image via InnerSloth)
Players can look forward to an exciting new game mode - Hide and Seek (Image via InnerSloth)

Fans of the multiplayer social-deduction game Among Us received an exciting update during the pre-show event at The Game Awards on Thursday, December 8. An animated gameplay trailer revealed a new mode called Hide n Seek, which is set to release tomorrow, December 9.

Classic Among Us requires the Imposter(s) to murder their Crewmates without being discovered and voted out. This new mode, however, will follow a different rulebook, and players have to adjust their strategies accordingly.

What to expect from the upcoming Hide n Seek mode in Among Us?


For veterans of the game who have been playing the classic mode since its release in 2018, the new Hide n Seek mode is sure to provide a welcome change of pace.

The trailer, which debuted during The Game Awards, gave a glimpse of the gameplay one can expect. The Imposter's identity will not be hidden from everyone. Instead, they will be exposed as a bloodthirsty monster who has to find and chase down the Crewmates as they desperately try to avoid being killed.

Unlike the classic mode which awards stealth and careful strategization, the Hide n Seek mode appears to be more fast-paced and reliant on mechanics. Even Crewmates will be able to use vents to escape the Imposter.

Developer InnerSloth also tweeted about the update.

Not only did they confirm that the Hide n Seek mode will release on all platforms on December 9, but they also promised a bunch of new cosmetics and pets. Moreover, players will be able to pet their cosmetic pets after the update.

Considering that Innersloth called it their "biggest update this year," fans should be excited.

Players can also claim a special Among Us mask on Twitch

Anyone who watches The Game Awards on the Twitch stream for a certain amount of time are eligible to unlock a special Geoff Keighley mask for their in-game characters to use.

About Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that pits players against each other, giving them the task to find the imposters among them. One can either be a crewmate or an imposter. The crewmates have to complete tasks to win the game, while the imposters must eliminate all players or sabotage the ship in order to win.

The game is simple but incredibly fun. You can play it with your friends or matchmake with strangers online.

If you are looking forward to the new update, be prepared tomorrow to run for your life or chase others down in the exciting Hide n Seek mode.

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