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Full list of Among Us tasks in 2021

Image via The Arcadist | KAzeruKo
Image via The Arcadist | KAzeruKo's Kawa on YouTube
Modified 09 Jan 2021, 14:59 IST

Among Us is a murder-mystery party-style game that can be played with between four and ten players in a single lobby. There are three maps accessible in the game: The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus. Each arena has different short, normal, or long tasks that should be finished by the Crewmates.

This article lists all the available tasks for the Crewmates in all three maps of Among Us.

Detailing all the tasks in Among Us in 2021

Tasks on the Skeld map

The Skeld is the most well-known map in Among Us, and a large portion of the players play here. Here are the tasks to be performed in this arena:

The Admin Swipe card task in The Skeld
The Admin Swipe card task in The Skeld
  • Admin: Swipe Card
  • Cafeteria: Upload Data, Empty garbage
  • Communications: Upload data, Divert power to communications
  • Electrical: Upload data, Fix wiring, Calibrate distributor
  • Engines: Align engine output, Divert Power to Upper engine, Divert power to lower engine
  • MedBay: Submit Scan, Inspect sample
  • Navigation: Chart course, Upload data, Divert power to Navigation, Stabilize steering
  • O2: Empty chute, Divert power to O2, Clean O2 filter
  • Reactor: Start reactor, Unlock manifolds
  • Security: Divert Power to security
  • Shields: Prime Shields, Divert power to shields
  • Storage: Fuel engines
  • Weapons: Clear Asteroids, Upload data, Divert Power to Weapons

Tasks on MIRA HQ


MIRA HQ is the smallest map in Among Us and has 12 accessible tasks for the players::

  • Admin: Prime Shield, Chart Course, Divert power to admin, Enter ID code
  • Hallway: Fix Wiring
  • Reactor: Start Reactor, Unlock Manifolds
  • Storage: Water plants
  • Laboratory: Divert power to Laboratory, Assemble artifact, Sort samples
  • Balcony: Clear Asteroids, Measure weather
  • Cafeteria: Divert power to the cafeteria, Buy beverage, empty garbage
  • Communications: Divert power to communications
  • Medbay: Submit Scan, Divert power to Medbay
  • Greenhouse: Divert power to greenhouse, Clean 02 filter
  • Office: Divert power to office, process data
  • Launchpad: Fuel Engines, Divert power to Launchpad, Run Diagnostic

Tasks on Polus

Replacing jugs in Polus (Image via BlueStacks)
Replacing jugs in Polus (Image via BlueStacks)

Polus is the biggest arena in Among Us and also consists of 12 task slots on the map:

  • Boiler Room: Open waterways, replace water jug
  • MedBay: Submit Scan, Inspect sample
  • Storage: Fuel engines
  • Weapons: Clear asteroids, upload data
  • O2: Upload data, empty garbage, monitor tree, fill canisters
  • Communications: Reboot wifi
  • Dropship: Chart course, Insert keys
  • Office: Swipe card, upload data, scan boarding pass
  • Outside: Fix Weather Nodes, Record temperature
  • Electrical: Upload data, fix wiring
  • Laboratory: Repair drill, Record temperature, align telescope
  • Specimen room: Start reactor, upload data, unlock manifolds, store artifacts

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Published 09 Jan 2021, 14:59 IST
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