How to get and play the Godzilla vs Kong mod in Among Us

Image via YouTube (Ssundee)
Image via YouTube (Ssundee)
Amitesh Dhar

Mods reign supreme in the Among Us universe. Although the game just received a new map, players have been toying around with mods to get the most out of their experience.

A series of new mods now allow players to play as Godzilla and King Kong in Among Us.


It is important to note that the Godzilla mod and the King Kong mod aren't available to the public.

There's a chance that players may be able to get their hands on these mods at a later date, but for now, these mods aren't available for download.


The Among Us King Kong mod

This Among Us mod turns the Impostor into an adorable ape. While the ape transformation may not be very pleasant for Crewmates, the Impostor does get access to a range of abilities once they've transformed into King Kong in Among Us.


Once transformed, Impostors can activate the "Leap" power, which gives them a real-time overview of the map. The "Crush" power causes the Impostor to hurl the Empire State Building towards unsuspecting Crewmates.

The Impostor can even pick up and drop Crewmates whenever they want to. The "Smash" power also lets the Impostor crush Crewmates in close vicinity in Among Us.

The Among Us Godzilla mod

Just like the King Kong mod, the Godzilla mod in Among Us is extremely overpowered. This mod allows the player to transform into a giant lizard that can shoot lasers from its mouth.

The "Throw" ability lets the Godzilla Impostor pick up and toss a Crewmate off the map. This kills the Crewmate, but since the body isn't on the map anymore, the other Crewmates can't report the dead body.


The Godzilla Impostor can also use "Shockwave" to stun enemies and "Acid Pool" to drown unsuspecting Crewmates in a pool of acid.

Most importantly, the Godzilla Impostor can also use a special ability to grow bigger before using "Atomic Breath" to obliterate any Crewmate standing in their way in Among Us.

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