How to get and play the Jail Break mod in Among Us

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Among Us is a fun, interactive game where a large group of friends can get together for some mischief, and the mod community has taken a firm hold with some interesting content.

The Jail Break (Prison Escape) mod takes the base game and adds several twists to it, including different roles and abilities. Instead of Imposters and Crew Members, teams are split into Guards and the lone Prisoner where the latter tries to escape the map while being hunted by the rest.

The Prisoner in this Among Us mod has access to several abilities to aid them in their escape.

Among Us's Prison Escape mod and where to find it

To partake in the Prison Escape mod for Among Us, head to to join one of the biggest Among Us public servers available for use. The site contains different download options for PC and Mobile users. Players can pick and choose between different versions of Among Us.


Prison Escape pins 9 Guards against 1 prisoner who runs around deceiving and killing off his opponents. There are new features to hide and escape with, such as the piles of laundry littered throughout the map for the Prisoner to seek shelter in.

The base game is still relatively the same with 2 teams, where the first has to investigate and snuff out the 'Imposter'. However, they aren't trying to vote anyone out; instead, they are trying to prevent the Prisoner from escaping.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Prisoners can use all sorts of traps in their arsenal, like the deployable wall or bear trap, to keep away from the Guards at all costs. If the Among Us Prisoner can complete all of their tasks in time, an escape helicopter will arrive as the ticket out.

This Among Us mod offers players a refreshing twist when they get bored of the ordinary action held within. There are several different game modes to play inside, featuring the Prison Escape mod created by the moderators of the server.

Check out the different mods available for Among Us through the link provided above.

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