How many people play Among Us?

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

Just how many players does Among Us have at this stage in their journey?

Among Us has run the gambit from having mere dozens of players, to having millions of concurrent players across all platforms. However, it’s been over a month since Among Us reached its last peak, so how many of those millions have stuck around?

Among Us updated player count

Steam’s Among Us player count peaked on September 25th, 2020 with 438,524 active players. However, this player count was dwarfed by the number of players who played through a handheld device. While we don’t have an exact count, Forest Willard posted on Twitter that Among Us had 3.8 million concurrent players across all platforms over the weekend after Steam’s peak.

This was alongside having over 60 million daily users, and over 100 million downloads. However, accurate counts for the number of players in Among Us since late September have been hard to come by. The number of downloads has not jumped enough to be shown as anything other than “100m+” on the Google Play Store. However, SensorTower states that the game received 26 million downloads on iOS devices and 49 million on Android devices last month alone.

On Steam, the total Among Us player count has fallen since its September peak, with October’s peak maxing out at 372,646, and November’s peak so far coming on November 1st, with 278,658 concurrent players.

If the player count for mobile users fell at the same ratio as it did for Steam users then its current player count would still be around 2.4 million concurrent users and 38 million daily users.

How will these player counts affect your Among Us experience?

Without accurate, day-to-day information regarding the player count for Among Us on mobile devices it’s hard to say exactly how many players still play the game. However, if the numbers above are correct, then it’s likely that most players won’t even notice the drop.

For those who play Among Us through public games, once the game has a certain number of active users, it’s unnoticeable how many are actually playing the game as a whole. Whether there are only 100,000 players, or a few million, lobbies can only hold 10 players at a moment.

These kinds of drops in player counts are to be expected whenever a game becomes a phenomenon. Many players likely picked up Among Us just to see what all the attention was about. They may have enjoyed the game, but eventually moved on.

Alternatively, many players likely have a playgroup they play with periodically, but don’t get on the game every single day, and prefer instead to play once a week.

No matter what, it’s not likely that Among Us will return to its pre-August player counts any time soon.

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