Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raises $200k while playing Among us

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest Among Us stream raised over $200k to help fight food and housing insecurity.

AOC’s latest stream had her pair up with Canadian MP Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the New Democratic Party, as the two of them practiced a different kind of politics in Among Us. While streaming, AOC pitched her own charity initiative to viewers to earn donations meant to help Americans struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic.

AOC and Jagmeet Singh play Among Us


While Singh and Ocasio-Cortez are both charismatic politicians in their own rights, it’s fair to say that neither is quite as experienced at Among Us. Granted, this isn’t necessarily through any fault of their own as the two of them are quite busy leading their respective progressive movements.

Nonetheless, the novelty of watching politicians engage in the kind of activity common to many people managed to last throughout the length of the stream. Their charming personalities definitely helped add a lot to the experience.

The international Among Us summit showed just how far even new players can get even when they aren’t as familiar with the game. So long as they have the social skills necessary to participate in group meetings, of course.

Fun stream, good cause, but a little heavy at times

One fair criticism leveraged against the stream was the ever-present cloud of political discussion throughout the stream. While Singh was able to show just how convincing he was as an imposter, given that he landed the role multiple times in a row, a conversation between him and AOC would often drift into talking about differences between American and Canadian politics.

Politics is certainly a topic many find uncomfortable, especially within their favorite streams, but for AOC and Jagmeet Singh politics encompass their entire careers. As a result, these two are perhaps much more comfortable with that discussion than the average stream viewer.

Nevertheless, the normalization of politics and politicians certainly helps break down the barriers between government and the governed. It is something certainly worth checking out for curious fans.

Edited by Abhishek Singh