Among Us comes to VRChat in fan made game

(Image Credit: Dexerto)
(Image Credit: Dexerto)

Among Us has been a monumental success, inspiring numerous spin-offs, fan games, and even getting the giant game development studio Riot to look into their own versions. Recently, fan creators in VRChat have recreated one of the maps in Among Us, and now allows players to play the game in virtual reality.

What is Among Us in VRChat?

VRChat is a highly popular freely available game that can be played both with and without VR. It functions as both a social gathering space and a creative outlet, as players can create their own worlds or games and allow other players to join.

Fans of Among Us decided to use the flexibility offered in VRChat to recreate The Skeld map in Among Us, complete with tasks, vents, and everything you need to play the game. While players don’t need a VR setup to play this version of Among Us, this version is obviously optimized and designed for people to be able to play it with a virtual reality set.

Although both Among Us an VRChat are free games, the prohibitively high cost of the average VR set means that there will naturally be a much smaller playerbase to pull from when playing the VRChat version of the game, but it shouldn’t be too hard to arrange through VRChat’s numerous social gathering hubs.

Additionally, the VRChat version might be worth looking into for anyone simply trying to get away from the current wave of hackers disrupting games of Among Us.

How does VRChat’s version hold up to the original?

In terms of the difference between the games, the VRChat fan game seems to be a fairly faithful recreation. VRChat does present certain obstacles not present in the original game, as expected when anything gets recreated in a game not designed to handle the game as is.

Most of these obstacles are related to the game being VR to begin with, as control issues and sensors being blocked can make some of the tasks cumbersome to complete. That isn’t as much of an issue with this recreation, fortunately, as most of the tasks in Among Us are quite simple.

Another thing to consider is how the VR version doesn't have the same tools to limit vision range, something that is integral to balancing out how the game works, although the first person perspective does offer a different limitation.

Ultimately, this VRChat version might be fun to play a few games of, but it won’t quite replace Among Us for anyone who plays the game regularly.

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