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Fortnite: ‘Among Us’ creative mode game code

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 02 Oct 2020, 23:29 IST

Among Us rapidly became an overnight sensation, a mere two years after its initial release. Now, that sensation has come to the Fortnite creative mode thanks to the work of the Fortnite community.

Among Us in Fortnite, “Amidst Us” code 0288-3600-7090

The Fortnite version of Among Us, cheekily titled “Amidst Us,” is available to play for free in the creative mode. If you’re familiar with Among Us, then you already understand the basic premise. 

Just like the game it’s based off of, this Fortnite creative mode game allows four to ten players to wander through an enclosed environment, completing small tasks while avoiding and investigating impostors. 

Meanwhile, the impostors spend their time attempting to blend in with the crew, hoping to have a moment to pounce upon the vulnerable members of the crew. If the impostors do well, and the crew gets dwindled down either through their own work or through convincing the crew to vote out members of their own team, then the impostors will win as soon as there is an equal number of impostors to crew.

How does Fortnite “Amidst Us” differ from the game it’s based on?


The biggest difference between the Fortnite version and the original is the perspective change. Naturally, by bringing the camera down into the map, visibility is not so much more limited as it is different. Players can see along hallways much more readily, and the larger, less confined environments can make it more obvious when an impostor is trying to get close.

Additionally, the slower speed of doing things like jumping into vents or getting believably far enough away from a body can make playing impostor much more difficult.

The first person perspective also makes it harder to tell when players are watching you, and it seems that impostors can often go for kills while being observed without knowing.

Vents also require a bit more time to traverse since they must be done within the physical space of the map.

How does the Fortnite map “Amidst Us” hold up?

While it is certainly interesting that the Fortnite creative mode allows for the recreation of games as complex as Among Us, it certainly felt as though it was lacking a lot of the charm. The maps lack the artistic unity of Among Us, as the Fortnite assets look bland. Tasks are often no longer mini-games, and instead just ask players to either cart something from somewhere to somewhere or hold down the “E” key long enough.

It’s definitely worth playing for the curious, but might need a little more work before it becomes a game worth playing on its own. Given that Among Us is free to play on handheld devices, and only $5.00 for PCs, it’s almost easier to just play the original game at times.

But who knows, in another month or so the Fortnite version might be able to come into its own niche, and start to offer something that Among Us can’t or doesn’t. Definitely keep an eye on it.

Published 02 Oct 2020, 23:29 IST
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