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Fortnite Birthday cake locations: The fastest way to find all Birthday cakes on the map

Fortnite Birthday Cake locations 2020
Fortnite Birthday Cake locations 2020
Rishabh B.
Modified 26 Sep 2020, 20:51 IST

Fortnite’s recent update saw the addition of various birthday-themed challenges. The event was leaked ahead of time by various Fortnite leakers, and went live today (26th of September). Fortnite: Battle Royale has now been around for three years, which is hard to believe considering its worldwide success.

As for this year’s celebrations, the following Fortnite Birthday challenges have now gone live:

·  Play matches (10)

·  Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)

·  Outlast Opponents (500)

·  Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50)

Needless to say, all of the challenges are straightforward enough. However, the ‘Dance in front of different birthday cakes’ challenge can prove to be tricky, especially if you do not have a fair idea about the locations. In this article, we look at everything players need to know in order to quickly get to all the Fortnite birthday cake locations.

Fortnite Birthday cake locations 2020
Fortnite Birthday cake locations 2020

Fortnite Birthday Cake locations 2020: Where to find the birthday cakes?

Well, there are a total of ten birthday cakes that are scattered all over the Fortnite map. All you need to do is to find them, and dance in front on the cake. As far as the relevant locations are concerned, you can have a look at the following picture to get a better idea.


As you can see, the ten Fortnite cake locations are scattered all over the map. A lot of Fortnite fans have taken to the internet in order to search for the quickest way to get to these locations.

Fortnite Birthday Cake locations: The fastest way to find all the locations

Well, once you have figured out the various locations that you need to get to, you can follow the steps below to quickly complete the challenge.

1) Play Team Rumble. It offers you the chance to reach multiple cakes in the space of just one match.

2) Try not to look for loot. Jump from the bus and head straight towards the cake locations. Fortnite players are better off landing at the cake at Dirty Docks first, after which they can make their way towards the South.


3) If you want to complete the challenge even quicker, don’t waste time trying to get to the other spots. Instead, land at one spot, and once you are done, simply leave the game and start over. You can repeat this process ten times.

4) Follow the map attached above and chart out a route that’s most effective for you. You can use cars, rifts etc. to get to the locations quickly.

For further help, you can look at the following video.

Published 26 Sep 2020, 20:51 IST
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