Among Us: Fans create a short film about the game, and it’s pretty good

(Image Credit: Jay & Arya on YouTube)
(Image Credit: Jay & Arya on YouTube)

Fans create an impressive short film based on the world's new favourite game - Among Us.

It can be difficult to get any kind of a story out of Among Us, as the game offers little beyond cartoon crewmates maintaining various stations, while imposters hunt them down for some indiscernible reason. Nevertheless, this fan-made Among Us short film has managed to turn the fun social game into a tense and suspenseful 13 minute ride.

Breaking down the Among Us short film


Take a moment to watch the short film. The film, created by Jay Samuelz and Arya Lee, follows a small crew aboard a ship in space, as they attempt to solve the murder of a fellow crewmate. With dialogue that sounds like it was ripped right out of a game, including Among Us shorthand terms like “sus” and “big brain,” the filmmakers have managed to tell a compelling story.

This film explains that the presence of the imposter was the result of some sort of virus, that turns those infected into devious killing machines. With the narrative established, the characters begin to play out a scenario that is strikingly familiar to anyone who has put more than a few hours into Among Us.

Jay and Arya’s cinematic version of Among Us manages to be totally faithful to the game, while presenting the film in as serious a light as possible. Without a hint of irony, characters refer to one another by the colors of their uniforms, and even talk about fixing wires, performing tests in medbay, and being on cams.

Why is Among Us so relatable?

While it would be possible (and appropriate) to go on about how well made this short film is, there is something to be said about how Among Us manages to be so incredibly relatable and inspirational. While not every fan of the game is going to go out and put together a fan film, thousands of creators have made gifs, fan art, tik-toks, plush toys, and so much more.

Among Us manages to be relatable, in part, because of two major features. The game is almost entirely about social interactions, and the framework of the game has a certain tabula rasa quality, that allows players to project their own feelings on to the game.

There is a certain charm in simplicity, and the crewmates of Among Us fit perfectly into that category. Small, soft, expressionless space suits offer enough of a human form for us to picture ourselves in their shoes, while being different enough to be charmingly separate. They are the perfect example of something being outside the uncanny valley.

Hopefully Among Us continues to be an inspiration to creators everywhere, as more high quality fan content will always be welcomed by the community.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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