How DisguisedToast became the best at Among Us

(Image Credit: DisguisedToast)
(Image Credit: DisguisedToast)

DisguisedToast has gradually developed into arguably the best Among Us player in the world.

While not really a new game, the worldwide Among Us community is still relatively young, and one player stands out amongst all the others. DisguisedToast might well be the best Among Us player in the world at the moment, so how did he get there?

DisguisedToast was a relatively early adopter of Among Us

Once again, the word “early” is carrying a lot of weight here. Despite being released two years ago, Among Us didn’t earn its multi-million player following until fairly recently, going from a peak of under 7,000 players on Steam in July of 2020, to over 73,000 in August.

DisguisedToast’s first Among Us video on YouTube is dates back to August 8th, when the game boasted a Steamcharts count of just 18,000 players. However, this only allowed DisguisedToast to get ahead of the viewer boost that Among Us brought to all kinds of content creators and streamers.

But that only accounts for his viewer base and success. What makes DisguisedToast interesting, is that he isn’t just one of the most popular Among Us content creators out there, he’s also one of the game’s best players as well.

DisguisedToast advanced Among Us strategies

Many players learned how to play Among Us well by watching DisguisedToast’s videos, and learning what works and what doesn’t. While DisguisedToast might not always have been the one to discover many of these strategies from, his platform allowed him to share them with a much wider audience.

Anyone who has ever tried to “marinate” their friends, or learned how to keep track of common tasks, can likely trace that skill back to DisguisedToast. Even if you learned it from a friend of a friend, it likely ends with someone who watched one of DisguisedToast’s videos and copied the tactic.

But just copying him isn’t enough. What sets him apart from the crowd is his ability to keep track of these various little bits of information, and draw conclusions faster than most other players. Something as mentally taxing as tracking the various crewmate colors as they walk past him, and recalling exactly who did and didn’t go down a particular path, can lead to big revelations about who was near a kill.

DisguisedToast applies this ability when playing as an imposter as well, and can often find ways to cloud the judgement of his friends long enough to win, and occasionally even convince them to vote out someone else.

His online persona sells his performance

By persona, it should be stated that Toast doesn’t so much play a character, as present a more idealized version of himself through his videos. No one should be naive enough to believe that DisguisedToast never seems to lose, instead he merely edits and controls what he presents on his own channel.

However, this edited version helps sell the idea that DisguisedToast is the best Among Us player in the world. That isn’t to say that he isn’t, but rather that he has managed to make that idea more believable through what he chooses to, or not, to present.

Anyone who wants to learn how to play Among Us better should certainly check out his videos. While entertaining, they do often showcase scenarios that occur rather frequently in other playgroups as well.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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