Among Us: How to find and identify impostors

(Image Credit: Game Rant)
(Image Credit: Game Rant)

Most of your time playing Among Us you’ll be playing as part of the crew, completing tasks, hoping not to get killed, and trying to identify who the impostors are. Of course, identifying someone determined to remain hidden is no easy task, but there are a few tricks that can help you figure out who the impostors in Among Us are.

Among Us: To find impostors you have to know impostors

The best tool for identifying an impostor in Among Us is remember your own impstor games. If you’ve gotten to play impostor a few times, you may already know what you would do if you were the impostor on any given map. This can range from hovering close to vents in MIRA HQ to calling in suspiciously well timed seismic sabotages in Polus to killing whoever dares to look at the security cameras in The Skeld.

If you know what the impostors are likely to want to do, you can take steps to counteract it. Position yourself outside the security room and check to see if someone vented in, or post yourself near the seismic stabilizers to respond more quickly.

Answering sabotages more quickly than expected is a great way to limit what options impostors have at their disposal in Among Us.

Among Us: Pay attention to how groups form

Most of the time, the person last seen with someone who ended up dead is the impostor who killed them. This isn’t always true, but it’s strong advice for most games, and especially good for inexperienced playgroups.

If you happened to notice two players go towards the left at the start, and then find one of them dead 30 seconds later, it doesn’t take a great leap of logic to throw suspicion on the other player.

However, you should be a little careful about this. A skilled impostor can use this to their advantage to kill frame crew members by keeping track of group movement.

Among Us: Watch the task bar and who does tasks

Tasks in Among Us might seem like a chore for the crew to perform, but it’s actually a tool to help identify impostors. When a task is fully completed, the task bar ticks up and everyone can see it. If you watch someone attempt a task and walk away without the bar moving, you may want to consider that they were faking the task and keep a sharp eye on them.

Additionally, if visual tasks are on then the crew can perform those tasks in front of spectators to prove their identities. Impostors will never be able to do that, and most impostors fail to accurately fake tasks.

Common tasks are a very strong tool as well, as all crew will have the same common tasks. If you notice a player ignoring or avoiding a common task in Among Us, may want to interrogate them during the next meeting.

Ask about what tasks a player has done, and consider their answers as if they were impostor. How well do you believe that player could lie about or describe the tasks?

Among Us: Know who you’re playing with

In my opinion, Among Us is best experienced with a common group of players. Playing with the same people over and over allows all of you to get to know each other, and not only lets you all share funny events together, but also gives you another angle to play the game on.

If you have a friend who is skilled at impostor, uses sabotages a lot, and frequently arranges double kills, then you already know to suspect them more in games where all of those are happening.

If, however, you have players in your group who frequently forget to use sabotages, and you notice that a game is eerily quiet, then you already have a point against that player in particular.

Don’t rely too much on this, however, as players can frequently adjust how they play game to game in order to throw off that kind of suspicion, but it does help when playing with friends.

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