Among Us fans seem to be literally everywhere as fanart is found in abandoned prison

(Image Credit: @reddline_ on Twitter)
(Image Credit: @reddline_ on Twitter)

Fanart for Among Us hasn’t just been limited to the internet, with one fan even finding fanart of the game in the form of graffiti in an abandoned prison in the middle of nowhere.

The presence of graffiti itself is certainly not noteworthy. However, the fact that the game only became popular a few months ago must be taken into account.

The manner in which it has integrated itself into the public consciousness, enough that signs of its fanbase can be found in places as obscure as that, is certainly worth noting. It seems as if Among Us fans are quite literally everywhere.

How has Among Us become so ubiquitous?

It’s really difficult to state exactly how something becomes a cultural icon, as what is or isn’t a cultural icon can only be realized in retrospect.

Back in August, it seemed like Among Us was just another fad that had a sudden burst in popularity; no one could say how long it would last or how big it would get.

But by September, Among Us showed that it had staying power, and that it wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. Developer engagement with their fanbase, as well as bizarre catastrophes, have created a sort of fan timeline for Among Us, as players can use these events as milestones to talk about the game.

Recently, new data revealed that Among Us had been the most downloaded mobile game in the world for the last two months, and its fanbase has grown and grown. Now, it is impossible to ignore the game, with seemingly everyone having played it at least once, or knowing someone who has.

Among Us by the numbers

Currently, Among Us is actually trending downwards as most players who searched the game did so early on to understand what the new sensation was about.

Now, with most people already having found what they wanted to know about Among Us, the game is leveling out.

Despite the search volume decreasing over the last few months, Among Us is still being installed on more and more machines each day, and players are returning to the game week after week.

With this gradual and consistent rise in player volume, Among Us has achieved a level of cultural saturation few games ever get to, which has in turn led to a volume of fan engagement and creative content at a rapid rate.

No doubt, this is why Among Us fans have produced short films, key chains, shirts, plushies, and of course, graffiti art, located primarily in abandoned buildings.

There simply isn’t a place left to go where Among Us can’t be found.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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