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Four movies that feel like Among Us

(Image Credit: SyFy)
(Image Credit: SyFy)
Modified 07 Nov 2020, 00:40 IST

Anyone who watched the Among Us fan film, can check out these movies to see where Among Us got its flavor.

Games and movies have been interconnected pieces of media for years, with both drawing inspiration from the other in ways that have only grown more significant with the advances in technology. Even though Among Us is a fairly relaxing social deduction game, there’s actually a large number of movies that capture the same feeling as the game.

Fair warning, most movies that have similar themes to Among Us sit in the horror genres, while Among Us is more of a social comedy. Anyone who wants to check these movies out should at least know what they’re getting into.

Movies that seem to resemble Among Us

The Thing (1982) keeps viewers guessing like Among Us

Widely regarded as one of the most important horror movies to ever be made, The Thing actually flopped during its initial release. Nevertheless, its premise is most in line with a typical game of Among Us.

A group of researchers in an isolated location have to tangle with a bizarre thing that can take the appearance of any one of them. Throughout the course of the film, characters guess whether the people, or even pets, around them are really what they seem. They devise tests, try to avoid being alone, and hope never to find themselves having to fight the monster head to head.

The parallels to Among Us are obvious. Viewers are left guessing all throughout the runtime, and horrified as a strange being seamlessly blends into the crew.

Alien (1979) makes viewers afraid of vents like Among Us


Alien is perhaps the next most well known movie to scratch the same itch as Among Us. It has the obvious difference of having its monster easily distinguishable from the crew, but that doesn’t hold it back too much.

Confined to a claustrophobic space ship, the crew investigates a strange planet and gets attacked by an alien lifeform. It sneaks back onto the ship and hides in the vents while it grows big enough to begin picking off the crew one by one.

Even lacking the element of uncertainty, Alien is great at keeping viewers scared that something is waiting behind every corner and crevice to jump out and attack.

Lily C.A.T. (1987) makes us doubt our senses like Among Us

This obscure cult anime film follows a crew aboard a spaceship, as they are meticulously hunted down and attacked by a shapeshifting alien being. The movie feels like a hybrid of both The Thing and Alien.

Lily C.A.T. resembles Among Us so much that they almost seem related. However, with 35 years separating these two pieces of media, its only fair to suggest that any relation between the two is superficial.

This one may be difficult to get a hold of, but it can be found online with some digging. Like Among Us, the crew spends a great deal of time discussing their predicament and trying to solve the mystery at hand.


Scream (1996) gets viewers to distrust their friends like Among Us

Scream came out after slashers had already had their heyday. Despite being almost a decade late to the party, Scream managed to make a name for itself for being different, for breaking the slasher formula, and for having a certain amount of self-awareness.

Scream follows a group of teens, as is typical to any slasher film, but makes the significant change of making the killers part of that group. At the time, killers in slasher movies tended to be monstrous, omnipresent individuals, that used their sheer strength to overpower their victims.

Scream turned this on its head by having the killers be regular teens, even friends of many of the victims. The two of them even get accused of being killers throughout the film, but manage to throw off suspicion, at least for a while.

And many more

Among Us captures a particular type of horror. Never knowing who to trust creates an isolating experience that leaves players wondering what options they have. Even attempts to coordinate can feel like a mistake as they can never know if they’re suspecting an imposter or crewmate.

Likewise, being caught alone in a dark corner of The Skeld or MIRA can spell a player’s doom if an imposter stumbles across them at the wrong time. Anyone who has been killed in The Skeld’s electrical room knows what it’s like to get ambushed at an inopportune time.

Movies occasionally capture this feeling, but the range of horror available is vast and deep. It’s entirely possible that Among Us can spur a surge in interest for these kinds of movies, in the same way that it’s encouraged some fans to make their own.

Published 07 Nov 2020, 00:40 IST
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