Among Us has started banning hackers with a simple message: “Please stop.”

(Image Credit: Film Daily)
(Image Credit: Film Daily)

Part and parcel of any game becoming popular enough is that the less scrupulous players will quickly find ways to cheat their fellow players, often ruining the game for all involved. The developers of Among Us, Innersloth, have begun issuing bans to hackers in Among Us, pairing it with a simple request that they “Please stop.”

The problem with hacking and cheating in Among Us

Most of you can probably guess precisely why cheaters are so detrimental to a game of Among Us. Cheating in Among Us completely reduces the “game” part of the game, and turns it instead into a total waste of time with a completely foregone conclusion.

Cheating in Among Us tends to come in two flavors, outright hacking at one end, and unsanctioned communication at the other. Hacking involves using a secondary program that alters how the game functions, usually removing cooldowns or forcing the game to select you as an imposter. This is the kind of cheating that Innersloth is currently fighting.

While most cheaters likely aren’t hackers, Innersloth has the ability to program their game in such a way to detect third party programs meant to affect it, and issue the appropriate action afterwards.

Unsanctioned communication is what most players are likely to encounter, and currently there isn’t really a way to prevent it. Instead, it is up to all playgroups, both of friends and of random public players, to take action against those who communicate outside of the accepted methods. If a player states that they received information from a friend or other player in the game, both players involved should be removed by that playgroup, or else the game will lose all fun.

You can find out how to report and kick players out of your lobby in Among Us here.

Please stop.

In addition to removing hackers from games of Among Us, Innersloth used this as an opportunity to ask that cheaters stop cheating. While some may ignore it, the simple request may reach a good number of players who may not have known or cared that their actions were ruining the game for other players.

Hopefully this will be a useful step in the right direction for keeping Among Us a fun party game for all involved.

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