Among Us: How to kick players from your game, what you can do about trolls

(Image Credit: Gamer Tweak)
(Image Credit: Gamer Tweak)

Among Us is best played with a group of friends, usually in conjunction with a voice chat program such as Discord. Those who choose to play in the game’s public servers often have to worry about potential trolls, colluders, and cheats joining their games. Until anti-cheat comes out, Among Us players can take matters into their own hands and make use of the kick function.

How to kick people out of your games in Among Us

The actual mechanics behind removing an unwanted player in Among Us is fairly straightforward. While in the pre-game lobby, the host can kick or ban any player by simply following the steps below.

  • Open the chat (top right)
  • Click the boot icon
  • Kick/Ban a chosen player

Hosts have a responsibility to their lobby, and should be careful about letting troublemakers stick around for too long. If a player is being rude or insulting, don’t hesitate to remove them from your game. Likewise, if you know that a player or group of players are cheating or sharing information through backchannels, removing all involved will make Among Us better for everyone else.

Of course, most of the time problem players won’t reveal themselves until the game has already begun. If this is the case then kicking or banning players will be a slightly different process.

  • Wait until a meeting is called/call a meeting
  • Open the chat (top right)
  • Click the boot icon
  • Select a player to be kicked or banned
  • After three players have chosen someone to kick, the player is removed.

Once a game has begun it becomes much harder for hosts to use their position to remove players they don’t like for any reason. Instead, a player may only be kicked or banned in Among Us if three players each kick them. Usually, if a player is found to be cheating, or is outstandingly rude in game, it shouldn’t be too hard for you and two other players to kick the problem player out.

When and when not to kick players out

Deciding whether to kick someone from your Among Us lobby shouldn’t be too hard of a decision, but you also shouldn’t just kick anyone. If someone is acting belligerent, insulting other players, or making the game a negative experience, you shouldn’t hesitate to remove them. There are millions of other players available to take their place, and you’ll enjoy having a better playgroup.

Other times you might want to kick someone for other reasons, such as to make room for a friend. If this is the case, I recommend letting them know before kicking rather than simply removing them without saying.

If, however, you want to kick someone for some other reason, such as because they killed you as an imposter, or because they were suspicious of you in game, then you may want to reassess yourself before moving forward with that. Removing players for reasons other than their negative behavior runs the risk of making your Among Us playgroup worse, and making the game less fun for all involved.

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