Fan made Family Guy Among Us gag tricked even the game’s developers

Image via @lolwutburger on Twitter
Image via @lolwutburger on Twitter

A fan recently created their own version of a Family Guy cut-away gag featuring Among Us, and it was so well done that multiple people thought it was real.

Among Us has certainly inspired multiple people to create their own fanart, jokes, clothes, keychains, and more, with a lot of it being surprisingly well made.

What makes this Among Us gag so believable is how closely it adheres to the Family Guy formula viewers are familiar with, by having pop culture references paired with the kind of juvenile humor MacFarlane’s work is known for.

Among Us fan works continue to flood the internet

A few months ago, when Among Us made its first big splash on the internet, fans and content creators alike immediately saw the potential the small indie game had.

The deluge of fan content made for Among Us helped carry the game to new heights, turning it into a sensation as much as a game in its own right. Among Us fan art could be found everywhere on the internet, in schools, and even in abandoned buildings frequented by urban explorers.

While fans were quick to jump on the opportunity to join in the internet sensation, Innersloth themselves were actually slow to establish access to official merchandise. For a few months, if anyone wanted something Among Us themed they would have to go through independent artists and creators through unofficial markets.

Presented with this landscape, it makes sense that Innersloth wanted to make sure independent creators could use the official store once it got set up, so long as they agreed to a standard contract.

But non-physical fan works have continued to get produced, finding a home on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and more. These can all range as wide as gameplay videos with a slight twist to artistic interpretations of common moments found in Among Us.

The overall versatility of Among Us

Among Us has certainly proven to be malleable in the hands of creators. Artists, musicians, comedians, and more have all been able to find small relatable moments to turn into their own content.

The content creation pair Jay Samuelz and Arya Lee were able to take the general feeling of the game, memes and all, and turn it into a short film with a dramatic flair. But since then, most Among Us fan content has stuck to either riffing on the game or being repurposed as a tool for education.

The Family Guy gag relies on viewer understanding of both Among Us and MacFarlane’s flagship series, both cultural phenomena in their own right. The jokes presented in the brief 15 second clip are not just the inane humor iconic to Family Guy, but also that MacFarlane and his writing staff could believably include this kind of gag in their show.

Maybe if someone over at FOX gets a chuckle out of it they should consider hiring the content creator who used their free time to create it.

Note: The header image and the original concept were by @lolwutburger, while @/hi_blnd did the animation and @/mattvargas101 did the voice for the clip.

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