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Goldberg is a WWE Hall of Famer

Goldberg ending WWE Hall of Famer's 37-year career would make him mega heel on AEW debut

With each passing day, the possibility of Goldberg joining AEW seems to be increasing. Da Man has expressed his desire to have one last run in the wrestling business, and Tony Khan could be the perfect person to accommodate this. However, the success of Golderg's final stint as a pro wrestler will hinge strongly on the initial impression he makes in the Jacksonville promotion.

Over his illustrious career, the former WWE Universal Champion has become a household name. His iconic intensity and dominating performances have made him synonymous with the glory days of WCW and a legend in this business.


However, it would make sense to introduce Goldberg as a heel in AEW, and there is no bigger way to make a splash than by taking out one of the promotion's most beloved stars.

Goldberg and Sting share a long history of working opposite one another ack in WCW. Their legendary matches date back decades and have helped both men solidify their statuses as icons of this sport.

Goldberg could be wrestling Sting in his retirement match!


At 64 years old, Sting continues to wow the AEW faithful and regularly receives thunderous reactions whenever his music hits. However, the clock is winding down on his time between the ropes.

Having Goldberg be the man to officially retire Sting would not only satisfy hardcore fans who have fond memories of their matches in WCW but also ensure that the former Universal Champion has a ton of heat for his final run in the business.


Tony Khan and Goldberg have a good relationship

A major factor fueling the rumors surrounding Goldberg's possible AEW debut is the fact that he and Tony Khan have been in contact and seem to have a good relationship. The AEW President said the following in a media scrum:

"Yeah, I have talked to Bill. It wouldn’t be that unusual. I’ve talked to Bill when he’s not been under contract at times, and I have a good relationship with Bill. So I have had a good conversation with him, but I’ve had a lot of great conversations with Bill."
@youngbucks @fiveguys. Besides you might need a fifth guy in not just the Elite but.. @goldberg @goldberg @goldberg @goldberg.... @TonyKhan @AEW

The news of the two men being in contact naturally stirred a lot of speculation among wrestling fans, but nothing definitive has come from this. Only time will tell whether their good relationship will lead to an eventual on-screen debut for the accomplished icon.

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