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Is former WWE Superstar Nia Jax AEW bound?

If Nia Jax joins AEW, former WWE Champion must confront her for embarrassing him on RAW 4 years ago

Nia Jax hasn't been a part of any wrestling capacity since her shocking WWE release in 2021.

Though she did make a one-off appearance at the Women's Royal Rumble match earlier this year, it didn't lead to her full-time return to the Stamford-based promotion.


Amidst her uncertain pro wrestling future, Jax recently teased the idea of joining AEW. If the former RAW Women's Champion does end up in Tony Khan's promotion, there's only one star who should confront her.

The star in question is AEW's stalwart, Jon Moxley. But then the question arises, why should the company book her in an intergender feud instead of directly putting her with top female stars?

For those unaware, Nia Jax and Tamina confronted Moxley on the January 28 episode of RAW in 2019. The Irresistible Force even laid hands on The Purveyor of Violence, throwing him outside the ring with much humiliation.

Nia Jax interrupts Dean Ambrose!! #RAW - From WWE's Instagram #DeanAmbrose

However, WWE scrapped the buzzworthy program between the two superstars despite advertising it for live events.


For what it's worth, the angle was the most embarrassing moment towards the tail end of Moxley's WWE stint. It put a blemish on The Deathrider's Hall of Fame-worthy career.

But the two could revisit the feud at All Elite Wrestling. The dynamic between the two wrestlers would be enough to bring significant eyeballs to the product.

What did Nia Jax say about a potential AEW signing?

Nia Jax still has a lot left in the tank, and her presence alone can bolster the AEW women's division.


During a recent K&S Virtual Signing, the Samoan star addressed the possibility of signing with Tony Khan's promotion and noted that she's impressed after seeing her friend Saraya's career resurgence:

"I actually would. I keep getting asked that question, and I usually say no, but I actually would. I'm really good friends with Saraya, I love what she's doing there. I recently met Nyla Rose. It would be kind of cool and add something different," Jax said.
Would you like to see Nia Jax in #AEW? 🤔

Only time will tell whether Jax joins AEW or returns to WWE under the new regime of Triple H.

Do you want to see a potential feud between Jax and Moxley in AEW? Sound off in the comments section below.

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