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Jon Moxley is set to compete in a non-AEW event soon

AEW star's real-life brother teases first-time-ever match against Jon Moxley

A veteran star recently took to Twitter to tease a match with former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley is set to appear in the upcoming Bloodsport show, which is a part of GCW's The Collective. With his previously announced opponent, Davey Richards, retiring before the event, the Purveyor of Violence was momentarily left without a match. However, AEW star Saraya's brother laid out a challenge for Moxley.


Taking to Twitter, Zak Zodiac expressed his desire to face the Blackpool Combat Club member at Bloodsport.

"Zodiac vs Moxley? Let's make it happen 🔥👊"

You can check out the full tweet here:

Zodiac vs Moxley?

Let's make it happen 🏼 twitter.com/JoshLBarnett/s…
With Davey Richards retiring, that leaves Mox without a dance partner for March 30th...

Josh Barnett's: Bloodsport is known for being the hardest hitting event in all of professional wrestling, so who will step up with their fists and guts to take on Mox?

As of now, Moxley has been announced to be facing Alex Coughlin at Bloodsport. It remains to be seen if Zak Zodiac will also make an appearance at the event to square off with Mox.


Saraya wants her brother to be signed to AEW as well

While Zak Zodiac has performed all over the world, he is yet to be picked up by Tony Khan's Promotion.

Zak has attempted to make it to the biggest promotions in the pro-wrestling world, without much success. When his sister was signed to WWE, he was unable to make it past the tryouts. However, Saraya believes Zak has much to offer to the business.

In an interview on AEW Unrestricted, Saraya spoke about how Zak Zodiac could showcase his talent in on Dark.

“Zak has never made it and it’s so frustrating, he’s tried so hard. We need to get him on an AEW Dark show or something like that so we can showcase him. He just did New Japan. People loved him, they’re bringing him back again.” (H/T: eWrestlingNews.com)

Zak has also undergone a major body transformation in order to become more accessible as a star. However, it remains to be seen what the future holds for him.

Do you want to see Zak Zodiac on Tony Khan's roster? Sound off in the comments section below!

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