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FULL NAME: Saraya-Jade Bevis

BORN: 17 August, 1992

HEIGHT: 5 ft 8 in



Black Widow (Octopus hold) — 2014; parodied from AJ Lee; Knight Light (Independent circuit) / Ram-Paige (WWE) (Cradle DDT); Paige-Turner (Swinging leg hook fireman's carry slam) — 2012–2014; used rarely thereafter; PTO – Paige Tapout (Scorpion cross lock) — adopted from Bull Nakano; Ram-Paige (Cloverleaf while kneeling on the opponent's back) — 2012–2013


Fallaway slam; Fisherma n's suplex; Hair-pull toss; Headbutt; High knee to a cornered or kneeling opponent; Knight Rider (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) (independent circuit); Modified cross-legged STF; Multiple corner back elbows; Multiple headbutt; Multiple knee lifts to an opponent leaning through the ropes, with theatrics; Multiple short-arm clotheslines; Multiple stomps to the chest of an opponent seated in the corner; Rope hung Boston crab (independent circuit); Running single leg dropkick; Samoan drop; Somersault senton from the ring apron; Side kick (WWE)/Stan Lane (independent circuit); With Becky Lynch -- Double headbutt


"Faint" by Linkin Park (Shimmer); "Smashed in the Face" by George Gabriel (FCW/NXT; 19 March 2012 – 26 February 2014); "Stars in the Night" by CFO$ (NXT/WWE; 27 February 2014 – present); "Top of the World" by CFO$ (WWE; April 3, 2016)


"The Anti-Diva"; "The Diva of Tomorrow"; “The Raven-Haired Renegade”


Born in a family of professional wrestlers, Paige has wrestling her blood. Although she was quite scared of wrestling as a child owing to the injuries that her family members suffered, she made her pro-wrestling debut at the age of thirteen.

In 2005, her father Patrick Bevis’ European Independent circuit welcomed Paige inside the ring for the first time. She was asked to make an appearance by her father in order to fill in for another wrestler who didn’t turn up. Not long after that, she started wrestling under the ring name Britani Knight. She teamed up with her mother, Julia Hamer-Bevis for her first match in in World Association of Wrestling (WAW).

Following that, she continued to tour all over Europe and started to wrestle for several independent promotions. During this time, she defeated her mother to win the Herts and Essex (HEW) Women's Championship and WAWW British Championship. She also won the Real Deal Wrestling (RDW) Women's Championship after facing her mother alongside Chelsey Love and Stacey Baybie.

In the next few years, Knight was a celebrated women’s wrestler across promotions as she went on to capture GSW Ladies Championship, PWF Ladies Tag Team; Pro-Wrestling: EVE; RDW Women's Championship, RQW Women's Championship, SCW Ladies Championship, WAWW British Ladies Championship, WAWW British Tag Team Championship and WAWW Ladies Hardcore Championship.

After an unsuccessful attempt at impressing WWE talent scout in 2010, Kight once again attended the try-outs and qualified. She was signed to the Florida Championship Wresting which served a WWE’s development territory back then.

Knight then debuted as Paige and started to take over the FCW’s women roster by leading her anti-diva army. She had several feuds and won a tag team championship before the show was rebranded as NXT.

She became a fan favourite in no time which marked the beginning of her spectacular singles run in which she went on to defeat the likes of Audrey Marie, Sasha Banks, Emma, Aksana and Alicia Fox. She also went on to become the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion and had a brief feud with Summer Rae.

In 2014, Paige made her main roster debut on RAW. The night she made her debut, she had a title match against AJ Lee which saw the former lifting the title. With that, Paige became the youngest ever Diva’s Champion. She was also the first woman to win the Championship on her debut match. Not only that, Paige also became the first woman in WWE’s history to hold the Diva’s Championship and NXT Women’s Championship at the same time.

Paige continued to successfully defend her title until AJ Lee returned and defeated Paige in an impromptu match to take back her title. She also teamed up with Lee following her loss but turned on her partner leading to an extended feud.

In 2015, WWE introduced Women’s Revolution and Stephanie McMahon announced the arrival of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on the main roster. The two were announced as Paige’s ally against Naomi and Tamina who now had Sasha Banks in their team.

Paige went on to start a feud with Banks soon after that. In September, when Charlotte Flair on the Diva’s Championship from Nikki Bella, Paige once again turned heel and demolished all her fellow teammates which led to a full-fledged rivalry with Flair.

In 2016, Paige was on a hiatus owing to her injuries. Moreover, her violations of the company’s wellness policy led to her suspension. In a public statement, Paige stated that she was taking prescribed drugs for her neck injury but WWE affirmed that she was tested positive for illegal drugs. She had to undergo a neck surgery before making her in-ring return in 2017.

Paige came as the leader of Absolution in which Mandy Rose and Soniya Deville. This villainous trio continued to take on ever wrestler in the woman’s locker room. However, before WWE could build more on this story line, Paige suffered from a serious injury on her neck once again and forced her to retire. Currentl, Paige continues to lead The Absolution but is not competing inside the ring. 

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