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  • "Rhea Ripley would send her into retirement" - WWE Universe is convinced former AEW star will return to RAW to confront Mami next week
Rhea Ripley could be confronted by a former AEW star next week.

"Rhea Ripley would send her into retirement" - WWE Universe is convinced former AEW star will return to RAW to confront Mami next week

The latest episode of WWE RAW saw Cody Rhodes' string of bad luck continue as he was confronted by the most dangerous man in the locker room, Dominik Mysterio, with Rhea Ripley by his side. The American Nightmare may have to call on some backup to even the odds.

Cody Rhodes appeared as a special guest on an installment of Miz TV. Staying true to his nature, The Miz decided to stir the pot and introduce Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley to join the segment.


The Judgment Day members had some harsh words for Rhodes, and just as they looked to be leaving, Dominik slapped The American Nightmare in the face before cowering behind the SmackDown Women's Champion.

With Mami by his side, Dom Dom may have the upper hand over Rhodes. However, if history has taught us anything, it's that Cody's significant other will not take this lying down.

Brandi Rhodes shared her reaction to this segment via Twitter:

"Papa wont hit Mami... but Mommy will," she tweeted.

This post quickly sent the WWE Universe into a whirlwind, with many speculating that Brandi will appear on next week's RAW to confront Rhea Ripley, similar to how she stepped up to Jade Cargill in AEW to defend her husband's honor.


The possibility of Brandi and Rhea facing off next week has caught the intrigue of many fans who have been desperate to see Cody's partner accompany him on WWE programming.

@HemrajArya18 @RheaRipley_WWE @TheBrandiRhodes @CodyRhodes That would be awesome. Brandi should show and get her some

However, others are less hopeful about Brandi's chances against The Eradicator.


Nonetheless, adding Brandi to the fray as Cody steers off in this new direction will undoubtedly make for some worthwhile television moments.


What's next for Rhea Ripley and The Judgment Day?

Elsewhere on last night's RAW, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest seemingly teased the eventual breakup of The Judgment Day when they were unable to get on the same page. Many fans are worried about what this could mean for the individual members if the group disbands.

According to BWE via Ringside News, this does not have to be a concern for the time being. When the outlet was asked if WWE was planning to split up the stable, they responded with a simple "No."

The act has done wonders for the careers of each member, especially Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio, who are arguably the most popular act in all of wrestling at the moment. It would be a shame to split the group up as they are riding this wave of momentum.

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